Laura George

Laura George

Clinic Manager

There is no need to feel daunted about building a prescribed skincare routine; it doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time! It should only take two minutes to apply your creams.


Hello, I'm Laura. I am the clinic manager and I also look after our online clients. I coordinate the distribution and will be available to help with any queries about your delivery or issues with your order.

My background was in Dental Nursing and Dental Practice Management, before joining the Tay Medispa and Face Dr team. My clinical knowledge has been really helpful in understanding our medical-grade product regimes, and I have completed all of the advanced product training so I can assist our clients to the highest standard.

laura's skincare routine

I love the ZO Brightening & Texture Kit, and I speed up my results by adding the ZO Exfoliation Accelerator and ZO Enzymatic peel. The ZO Smart Tone SPF is perfect for days when I don’t want a lot of coverage, as it adjusts to your natural skin tone. I add in Growth Factors for extra hydration in winter or after doing a home peel.

laura's top tip

Skincare is not a “one size fits all”. It is important to have a Professional consultation to ensure you receive a regime which is tailored to your current needs.