Rachel Kidd

Rachel Kidd

Skin Expert

My passion for skin health runs deeper than just my clients’ physical well-being. My goal is to deliver great outcomes for my client’s skin which enables them to thrive in self-confidence and unlock the best of who they are, each and every day.


Having registered as a general nurse in 2017, I now work as an in-clinic aesthetic practitioner where I can offer my clients a range of injectable treatments alongside their skin care regimes. What not so many people know is that I actually trained as a beauty therapist before embarking on my career in nursing. I love both fields and am able to utilise my nursing knowledge and experience alongside my beauty expertise to offer my clients bespoke treatments to meet their aesthetic goals. I’ve always had a strong passion for skin health and have now worked within the aesthetics industry for the past 5 years. Outside of work I’m kept busy with my two young girls and in our spare time we love spending time together outdoors.

Rachel's skin routine

I have been using ZO skin care for over 5 years now and my skin has never looked better. I follow the Anti-Ageing protocol and my daily routine consists of the “fundamental 5” then I often alternate my retinols between the wrinkle-texture & repair and retinol skin brightener depending on my skin needs.

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