Top 4 skincare brands for ageing skin [reviewed 2024]

Hannah Wilson


Type ‘anti-ageing skincare’ into Google and you’ll be greeted with 28 million results. That’s an awful lot to trawl through to find your perfect product match and it makes the quest for anti-ageing skincare (that actually works) feel like a never-ending journey. So, picking the perfect products begins with drowning out the noise, and the only way you’ll be able to do that is by knowing where to look. 

If you’re after genuine results, it’s worth investing in the best skincare brands for ageing skin. But even researching that is a daunting enough task. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. Think of this article as a handy little guide to the congested world of skincare. Meet our top four skincare brands for ageing skin:

#1 ZO Skin Health

#2 Obagi Medical

#3 Medik8

#4 SkinCeuticals

To find out which is best suited to you and your needs, keep reading. Once you know what’s out there, it’s all about establishing what stage of the anti-ageing process you’re at. 

#1 ZO Skin Health


 ZO Skin Health


Here at Face Dr, we spend a lot of time with clients just like you who are looking to turn back time and take their skin back to its heyday, or even just slow down the passage of time when it comes to their skin. We believe in brands that deliver on their promises and, for us, that means going medical-grade. 

Skincare is a science that works from the inside out, so tying up cosmetic benefits with prescribed concentrations of active ingredients is the only method that makes sense in our book. All the brands we’re talking about here are either medical-grade or cosmeceutical. However, our biggest favourite is ZO Skin Health, and we actually dispense to the majority of our clients. 

With a strong focus on science and world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi at the helm, these guys really are the superstars of skincare. 

Their boundary-pushing formulations do it all. From remedying current concerns, such sun damage and wrinkles to future-proofing your skin, helping to lock in moisture, radiance and youthfulness. We have had amazing results with hundreds of our clients, and we've really never come across any other product range that works quite as well as ZO does.

Plus, if peels are your thing, Dr. Obagi is one of the world leaders on chemical peels and an expert in treating darker skin tones. The company also has a mission to create seamless treatment systems that transcend and supplement special visits to the dermatologist. So, you can rest assured ZO Skin Health put you and your skin first. 

Star product kit: Anti-Ageing Program


ZO Skin Health Anti-Ageing Program Kit


A quintet of anti-ageing superstars that work together to rid your skin of wrinkles and give you the chance to try five of the best age-defying skincare products on the market…


"Awesome Products. First time using this brand and I’m in love. I’ll definitely repurchase - especially the scrub." Costantina Z. (5 stars)

"My skin is GLOWING. I have been using this product for only 30 days and the difference in my skin is incredible. Tone, texture, color, breakouts, it's the most beautiful skin I've ever had. I wish I could add photos to show you all!" Annie (5 stars)

"Saw definite results within a month. A great kit of the best skin care products for anti-aging. Great way to try out the skin care line, but you will be so impressed after a month that you will want more than this kit has to offer. Good start though and makes selection easy. My favorite is the growth factor serum." Elisabeth (5 stars)


Pro: Scientifically-backed skincare that’ll deliver the results it promises with visible, lasting results.

Con: Such high quality comes at a cost, so this brand’s products will be knocking on the upper end of your budget. However, most of our clients spend £100s on cheaper products that never really work... so if this sounds like you, this could be a pro.

Want to read more about ZO Skin Health? Click to read about ZO skincare kits here.

#2 Obagi Medical





Obagi Medical has been voted the #1 physician dispensed skincare brand in the world, providing professional products that improve skin function at a cellular level. Obagi have created a range of systems or kits for specific skincare concerns including sun damagedull skinfine linesacne and pigmentation.

Their skin systems include Obagi Nu-Derm®ELASTIderm®Professional-C®CLENZIderm M.D.® and more.

Obagi Medical is a leading skincare brand that has been helping people achieve healthy, radiant skin for over 35 years. Founded by renowned dermatologist Dr. Obagi, the company is dedicated to developing innovative, science-based skincare products that deliver real results.

Star product: Obagi-C RX Clarifying Serum 

A punchy little product that packs an anti-ageing kick fuelled by Vitamin C and Hydroquinone.


"This Vitamin C serum is one of the best have ever tried. I use the Obagi vitamin C scrub also and it leaves your skin beautiful and glowing. Definitely reduces any uneven skin tone and spots." (5 stars)

"This is the best serum! Absorbs quickly and with consistent use works wonders!" (5 stars)

"Gentle on the skin and feels good. Does a great job of keeping my skin looking great!"(5 stars)


Pro: Medical-grade skincare products with proven results and backed-studies.

Con: Consultation is often required before purchase. However, at Face Dr your consultation is no-obligation and free!


#3 Medik8




‘Beautiful skin for life.’ That’s Medik8’s promise to each and every one of their customers, so we couldn’t not feature them in an anti-ageing round up. With a mission to marry results with bathroom appeal, this brand brings together cutting-edge science and luxurious textures to create a skincare experience you’ll love. 

Their essential philosophy is a system called CSA, which stands for vitamin C, SPF and vitamin A (aka Retinol). Any brand that’s bold enough to take it back to basics like that has our vote. We know the temptation to throw the kitchen sink at ageing skin is strong. So do brands, and a few of them will capitalise on that more-is-more mentality. However, a stripped-back effective routine will probably yield more results. 

Star Product: The Essential CSA Kit, £99

This three-step system will leave lines and wrinkles in its wake as it enriches your skin with youth and radiance...


"Great night cream. Medik8 products across the board are great but this night cream is really amazing. It sinks straight in and leaves your skin looking renewed in the morning. I use this alongside their retinol products and couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my skin, it’s looking younger, clearer and fresher." Joanna (5 stars)

"I am very pleased with the vitamin C cream. It was recommended by my beautician. It has a very light texture which makes it perfect for a day. Great to use under foundation. I have dry sensitive skin and I’m happy to say that I don’t have any bad reactions." Kateryna (5 stars)

"I am so happy I finally tried this cleanser. My skin is not so greasy, even clearer & you only need a small amount. Feels lovely when massaging it onto my face- gives you a thorough cleanse & skin feels great after (not dry or tight) I’ll continue with this Medik8 cleanser now for sure." Jess (5 stars)


Pro: This brand’s stripped back, yet effective philosophy has resulted in an affordable range of products that’s easy to navigate and won’t set you back too much.

Con: The concentrations of active ingredients aren’t published, so it’s difficult to be sure how much of the good stuff you’re getting. However, being that the brand not dermatologist and Skin Expert led, we can conclude that there isn't as much high-grade active ingredients as other medical-grade or cosmeceutical products.

#4 SkinCeuticals




A first-class anti-ageing skincare program grounded in three fundamental principles: Prevent. Correct. Protect. This science-backed skincare brand knows how ageing skin can diminish your confidence and has the knowledge to help you combat it. 

With clever formulations backed by research and innovation, this brand is one that delivers on its promises. Pioneering research in the skincare industry, the brains behind  SkinCeuticals know just what your skin needs and the best way to deliver it. 

Star product: Retinol 0.3, £65

This best-selling facial cream is packed with pure retinol to help even out skin tone and texture and reveal brighter, more youthful skin…


"This product is a miracle. My skin is brighter and smoother with more even skin tone and I've only been using it for a month! My new favourite!" Anon (5 stars)

"I love this SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 Refining Night Cream. It is absolutely great. I use it quite a lot as I am aging and I know this has helped my skin enormously.  Obviously I have a few wrinkles now but to be honest they seem to blend in and disappear once I have used Retinol. SkinCeuticals is excellent for everything as I use a lot of their products but I will never ever be without my Retinol!" Iris (5 stars)


Pro: SkinCeuticals offers plenty of products that tend to hone in on certain ingredients which gives you a lot of control over your skincare routine. 

Con: Once again, these products come in at a higher price point. In addition, this brand requires a fair bit of skincare knowledge, unless you look to an expert for guidance.

We've also written a handy article comparing and reviewing ZO Skin Health vs. SkinCeuticals. Take a look here.


In summary

 Skin Expert ant ageing


We hope this anti-ageing skincare brand roundup has given you some food for thought. If you’re in need more guidance, book in with one of our fantastic Skin Experts for a free online consultation here. They’ll be able to advise you on the best steps to take for your skin and recommend the products perfectly suited to your skin and skin concerns. Our advice is free, as we believe that everyone should have access to professional skincare advice. There is no obligation to buy any of the products we recommend, we work to your budget and if you do choose to buy the regime we set for you, we will deliver it directly to you door.

If you’d like a more specific breakdown on the cost of treating ageing skin, we have also covered that. Or, you can brush up on your knowledge and read about creating the perfect anti-ageing skincare routine and which ingredients you should be on the lookout for. 


Although we recognise the high-quality brands listed above, currently we mainly recommend ZO Skin Health products for anti-ageing. After decades of reasearch by Dr Julia Langford and our Skin Experts, we have yet to find anything that surpasses ZO Skin Health anti-ageing skincare in ingredient quality and results, and we want only the best for our clients. To book your free online video skincare consultation with a Skin Expert, tap the button below.

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