Best in-clinic treatments for ageing skin

Hannah Wilson

Ageing is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean we need to accept ageing skin as a part of it, too. There are plenty of in-clinic treatments out there that can refresh mature skin, combat lines and wrinkles and promote a youthful radiance that will leave any complexion looking years younger. 

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But how do you know which one is best for you and your skin? That’s where we can help. Here at Face Dr, we’ve worked with thousands of clients to get glowing, healthy and younger looking skin. Our experts have decades of experience in the skincare world and therefore know a thing or two about the latest in-clinic treatments out there. Here, we’ll cover which treatments can help skin look younger and how to figure out if they’re for you. 

The best in-clinic treatments to combat ageing are: 

  1. Facials 
  2. LED light therapy
  3. Microneedling 
  4. Non-surgical facelifts  
  5. Dermal Filler
  6. Botox  

We’ve listed these in order of severity. So, if you’re starting to notice the first signs of ageing, like fine lines and loss of that youthful flow, facials and LED light therapy may be the way to go. If, however, you’re noticing more advanced signs of ageing like deep wrinkles and sagging skin, you might consider a treatment lower down the list, like dermal fillers or Botox. 

To delay further signs of ageing and boost the look of your skin from home, why not upgrade your skincare routine? With the right products, ingredients and routine, you can lighten age spots, fade wrinkles and get skin glowing. To help get you started with a youth-boosting skincare routine, our skin experts are on hand with a free online consultation to advise you on the best products for the job. 

If you're looking for an in-clinic treatment to compliment your skincare rouine, read on to find out more about the in-clinic treatments we recommend to combat the signs of ageing. 

Best in-clinic treatments for ageing skin



man getting expert facial


What is it? Facials are the perfect non-invasive, no downtime, affordable in-clinic treatment that can still offer real results. That’s because facial practitioners can use stronger concentrations of active ingredients to treat skin to a more potent dose of age-fighting products. For anti-ageing facials, look out for those that include exfoliating steps like chemical peels or scrubs and ingredients like glycolic acid or vitamin C. Facials can also help to lighten and brighten age spots, smooth and soften the skin and remove dull dead skin cells. 

Who’s it for? Everyone. Facials are ideal for all types of skin tones and types as a range of products can be used to suit you. An experienced practitioner will be able to advise which facial will suit your skin type and concerns.

Where can I get it? Most medispas will offer a range of facials. Here’s one recommendation to try: 

iS Clinical Youth Renewal Treatment Facial. A 45-minute facial that includes clinical-grade glycolic acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells and cleanse the skin leaving behind a renewed and refreshed complexion. It also uses a youth-boosting mask, serums and hydrating treatments to leave skin tighter, more moisturised and glowing. 

In or around the Perthshire area? Tay Medispa iS Clinical Youth Renewal Treatment Facial 

Elsewhere? Find your near iS Clinical practitioner

How much will it cost? Around £65

LED Light Therapy 


LED Light Therapy at Tay Medispa

What is it? LED light therapy, or light emitting diode therapy, uses light to target different concerns in the skin. The treatment can target acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and, most importantly, signs of ageing. 

During the treatment, you’ll wear a mask that will emit a red wavelength of light into the skin. This light will penetrate the skin, triggering its natural healing and boost collagen, making the skin look more plump and youthful. The light also boosts blood flow, to promote a healthy glow, and helps to reduce redness and blemishes, for a clear complexion. You may need more than one treatment to really see the effects and there’s no downtime at all. Find out more here.

Who’s it for? Almost everyone. LED light therapy is a great option for all skin types and tones, even darker skin tones and sensitive skin. 

Where can I get it? 

In Perthshire? Check out the Déesee Pro LED light therapy treatment at Tay Medispa

Elsewhere? Find the nearest Déesee Pro treatment to you 

Price: Around £40 for a 15-minute treatment 



Microneedling facial by Michelle

What is it? Microneedling uses small needles to make very small holes in the skin. As these holes heal naturally, new skin cells are made which are clearer, brighter and more youthful. The treatment also boosts the production of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that decline as we age and can leave skin looking deflated and saggy. With a boost in collagen and elastin, skin looks more plump and full. The treatment can also help to banish blemishes, enlarged pores, rough patches and  hyperpigmentation—including age spots. 

Despite the use of needles, the treatment is pretty painless and there’s minimal downtime. 

Who’s it for? All skin types and skin tones, including darker skin types and those with more sensitive skin.

Where can I get it? 

In or around the Perthshire area? Tay Medispa AQ Growth Factor Microneedling Facial

Elsewhere? Sk:n offers a microneedling treatment and has clinics across the UK

Price: £140 to £300 per treatment session

Non-surgical facelifts 


Non-surgical facelift treatment

What is it? Face lifts are great for a dramatic change to ageing skin, but they’re costly, invasive and come with a lot of risks and recovery time. Luckily, there are non-surgical treatments out there that work to lift, tighten and firm the skin. 

One option is the Venus Versa DiamondPolar non-surgical facelift. The treatment uses radio-frequency to produce heat on the skin. This heat boosts the skin’s production of collagen and elastin for firmer, more plump skin. It also stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and boosts circulation, leaving it with a youthful glow. The DiamondPolar treatment reduces the look of wrinkles and tightens and lifts the skin.  

Each session lasts 30 to 60 minutes and you may need six to eight sessions to see the best results. You can get the treatment on many areas of the face, like your cheeks, forehead, around the nose and mouth and even the neck. The best part? It’s pain free and there’s minimal downtime.

Who’s it for? Any skin type and those looking to lift sagging skin. 

Where can I get it? 

In or around the Perthshire area? Tay Medispa Venus Versa DiamondPolar 

Elsewhere? Find your nearest Venus Viva DiamondPolar practitioner  

Price? Around £100 per treatment 

Dermal Filler 


dermal filler treatment

What is it? As we age, the collagen and hyaluronic acid levels in our skin naturally decline. This leads to sagging, wrinkles and a loss of structure and plumpness. Dermal fillers are injections, usually of a version of hyaluronic acid, the natural substance our bodies make. 

The fillers plump up sagging skin and reduce the look of line and wrinkles. You can get dermal fillers almost anywhere on the face where wrinkles appear, like around the eyes, forehead, cheeks or even directly into the lips add plumpness. 

Fillers like these can last anywhere from six to 24 months. You may experience a small bit of discomfort while getting fillers and some people have some redness and soreness after the treatment, but this usually goes down quite quickly. 

Who’s it for? Dermal fillers are great for those with deeper lines and more advanced signs of ageing. 

Where can I get it? 

In or around the Perthshire area? Tay Medispa Dermal Filler Treatment 

Elsewhere? Sk:n offer dermal fillers and have clinics across the UK

Price? £240 to £350 per ml of dermal filler, with various brands available.


What is it? Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, is a medicine that’s injected into the face to target deep lines and wrinkles. The treatment targets the muscles in the face, freezing them in place so they can’t cause wrinkling and lines in the skin when we make facial expressions. It not only softens any existing wrinkles, it also stops new ones from forming or what the wrinkles we have from getting any worse. Botox is especially effective for frown lines, crows feet and deep lines around the nose and mouth. 

You may experience some pain or swelling around the areas that have been injected, but this will go down after a few days. The results usually last from three to six months. 

Who’s it for? Any skin type. It’s ideal for those with more advanced signs of ageing like deep lines and wrinkles. 

Where can I get it? As Botox is a prescribed medicine, you’ll need to speak with a GP or aesthetics practitioner to first find out if the treatment is right for you. Look out for free consultations where you can get assessed without any obligation to purchase anything. You can find these at medispas and skincare clinics. 


Ready to book a treatment? 


Those were our favourite in-clinic treatments to combat ageing. If you’re ready to get younger looking skin but you're not sure which treatment is best for you, why not get an expert opinion? 

Here at Face Dr, we offer free online consultations where you can speak with one of our skin experts. With a 30-minute video call, a member of our team will analyse your skin and discuss your exact concerns. They can answer any burning questions you’ve got about in-clinic treatments and recommend the best one to suit your skin, budget and the signs of ageing you want to tackle. 

Plus, they can advise you on skincare for mature skin, too. The right products and skincare routine can work wonders on lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing like age spots and loss of radiance. Our experts can recommend the best products out there for the job. We only ever recommend brands and products that we know provide real results and make a difference. What’s more, our experts can advise you on how exactly you can use these products in a routine made to promote a youthful glow. 

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