Top 5 skincare clinics in Melbourne [Reviewed 2024]

Rachel Meyer


Looking for reputable skincare clinics near you in Melbourne, Australia? It can be tough to find the right one for what you need, so if you’re on the hunt for your dream dermatologist who can offer excellent advice, top-notch treatments and medical-grade skincare, this list will point you in the right direction. 

Whether or not you have had professional skincare advice before, it can help to work with an expert at a skin clinic to assess your skin, take into account any irritations or sensitivities, and get the very best treatments and products for your skin type. 

Here are our top 5 skincare clinics in Melbourne, plus an easy way you can enjoy the benefits of a skincare clinic in your own home.


Our Top 5 Skincare Clinics in Melbourne: 

5. MySkin Clinics
4. St. Skin
3. SkinTech
2. Australian Laser & Skin
1. Seen Skin



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Need advice on your skin right now?

It’s always amazing to go to a clinic, learn about your skin from an expert, get complexion-boosting treatments, and take home your favourite products afterwards. But did you know you can get many of these benefits from home, too? 

At Face Dr, we are official stockists of excellent medical-grade skincare ranges like Obagi Medical, ZO Skin Health and many more, and our skin clinic is remote, meaning we can help clients all over the world. If you’re interested in getting expert advice on your skin through a free online video consultation, and learning about medical-grade products you can buy online and have delivered to your door, Face Dr can help.  

You can learn more about in-clinic vs. online skincare consultations here



If you want to travel to an in-clinic appointment to discuss your skincare needs, then here are our top 5 skincare clinics in Melbourne.

Top 5 skincare clinics in Melbourne 


MySkin Clinic Melbourne


#5 MySkin Clinics

With 12 clinics located all over Melbourne — from Craigieburn to Eastland, and Northcote to Mornington and beyond — MySkin Clinics are convenient and have been trusted in Melbourne for over a decade. This family-run business offers a personalised feel while still being able to offer luxury amenities and highly effective technology to help treat skin.

They offer a complimentary consultation where one of their team of registered nurses and skin therapists will help you determine the best treatment options or products for your exact skin needs, and get you booked in for whatever you would like. 

“They’re really dedicated to my skin journey” — MySkin Clinics client 

At MySkin Clinics, you can choose from their signature facials, chemical peels, laser pigmentation removal, microdermabrasion, vitamin therapy and more. Whatever your skin is thirsty for, they have a treatment to suit. They also sell award-winning medical-grade skincare products from the likes of Cosmedix, Environ Skincare, Société Skincare and more. 




They offer a free skin consultation 

They don’t appear to offer an online consultation 

They recommend and sell medical-grade skincare products 

They don’t seem to offer premium brands like Obagi or ZO Skin Health



St. Skin Melbourne


#4 St. Skin


Located right in the centre of Melbourne, St. Skin is a lovely, relaxing space offering bespoke treatments designed to rejuvenate your skin no matter where you’re currently at. By booking a consultation, you hand the reins to their team of expert clinicians who will guide you towards “complete skin wellness”.  

Treatments include LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, enzyme therapy, vitamin infusions, chemical peels and more. Their medi-facial uses proven scientific advances and holistic approaches to improve your skin as well as your overall health and wellness. When purchasing skincare from St. Skin, you can invest in brands such as Medik8, Osmosis, Propaira, Mesoestetic, and DMK, which all provide great results. 


St. Skin offers a friendly consultation either in-clinic or via Zoom before you start booking treatments, so you know exactly what your skin needs and can follow a bespoke skincare plan — but keep in mind this consultation is not free. 




Their clinic is located in the centre of Melbourne

Consultations are not free, and start at $99

They offer a very personalised service and a bespoke care plan for your skin 

They don’t seem to offer medical-grade skincare products like Obagi or ZO Skin Health


Skintech Melbourne


#3 SkinTech

SkinTech have clinics in Melbourne and Adelaide offering cosmetic procedures and treatments to target skin issues such as pigmentation, wrinkles, skin sagging, acne, acne scars, dullness, dehydration and more. 

Medical Director Dr Ben Chan is at the helm of this clinic, and his expertise helps make sure everyone who visits sees real results. Collectively their team has 35+ years’ experience, and with so many experts and professionals on their staff who constantly train in new areas of skincare, you are in great hands. 

Their clinically proven treatments are backed by science, and you can make the most of their knowledge through a free consultation. If you are looking for products, their team will recommend the best ones for your skin needs. Some of the brands they offer include SkinCeuticals, DRBC Cosmeceuticals and CU Skin. 




They offer a free skincare consultation 

They don’t seem to offer medical-grade skincare products like Obagi or ZO Skin Health

The clinic is doctor led, and offers a large number of experts who do ongoing training

The free consultations do not seem to be available as virtual appointments 


Australian Laser and Skin Melbourne


#2 Australian Laser & Skin

Australian Laser & Skin has 13 clinics located all over Melbourne, and although their focus is laser hair removal, they offer expert skin treatments and advice too, among other services. Since 1998 they have been offering some of the most advanced medical technology for skin rejuvenation treatments such as microdermabrasion, skin lasering for pigment and redness, chemical peels, cryotherapy, and more. 

They can help to rid skin of the conditions that affect confidence, like acne scarring, pigmentation, blackheads and enlarged pores. The clinics offer free consultations to help clients learn more about their skin conditions and what Australian Laser & Skin can do.

“The ladies here are so lovely and professional. I’ve been to so many clinics before and this is by far my favourite because of the service and quality. My sensitive skin is well looked after!” — CHUU, Australian Laser & Skin client 




They offer a free skin consultation 

They don’t seem to offer deals or on-sale skincare products 

They have multiple locations in Melbourne 

They are mostly focused on laser hair removal, so you may find more specialised skin treatment options elsewhere 



SeenSkin Melbourne


#1 Seen Skin

Seen Skin is focused on getting to the root of the problems causing people to lack skin confidence so they don’t keep masking the problem. With treatments such as lymphatic therapy, LED facials, removal therapies (extractions or peels) and holistic facials available, they can help tailor your treatment to fit your needs. 

Their New Client Intake Session is a fantastic package offering an all-in-one skin assessment, a deep dive skin education session, a treatment and a bespoke plan for your ongoing care. There are even options to include info on your gut health, hormones and genetics, so you get the most tailored skincare advice in Melbourne.

They offer brands such as Synergie Skin, Prin Skincare and Dermaviduals for an ongoing skincare routine to maintain your results. Seen Skin provides an online skin consultation, but keep in mind none of their consultations (online or in-clinic) are free. 




They offer a virtual consultation option 

They don’t seem to offer any products on sale or with special deals 

They have an all-in-one package to get to the root of your skin issues 

They do not offer a consultation for free (online consultations start at $150)


Summary: Melbourne skincare clinic or free at-home skincare consultation? 

The above list of the top 5 skincare clinics in Melbourne will hopefully help you find the very best treatments and advice in your area so you can start to see real changes in your skin. If, however, you would prefer an online consultation to cut out the travel time, some clinics offer a video skincare consultation allowing you to consult with an expert in your own home, and order any recommended products online. 

At Face Dr, our FREE video skincare consultations take place with our Skin Experts who listen to your skin history and issues and work with you to create a bespoke skincare routine that produces real results. Although we work with some of the best medical-grade skincare brands around, such as Obagi and ZO Skin Health, we remain brand agnostic, so we will only ever recommend products we believe will work for your specific skin needs. 

From acne, rosacea and ageing skin, to dry skin, pigmentation and blocked pores, our Skin Experts can help you tackle any and all skin issues, no matter how severe. 

Ready to speak to your very own skincare specialist from the comfort of your own home?



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