Top 5 skincare clinics in Sydney [reviewed 2024]

Rachel Meyer

There are so many skin clinics around, it can be difficult to find a reputable one that offers the treatments you need. If you live in the Sydney area of Australia and are looking for a skin clinic and dermatologist near you, we’re sharing some of the top choices. 

Whether you have had professional skincare advice in the past or not, working with a professional team at a skincare clinic is a great way to make sure you get expert advice, are recommended the best products for your specific skin needs, and avoid wasting money on treatments and products that don’t work for you. 

There are many skin clinics in Sydney offering different services for varying prices, so to help you cut through the noise and find the best clinics for your skincare goals, we have listed our top 5 skincare clinics in Sydney, as well as one way you can gain the benefits of a skincare clinic from your own home… 


Our Top 5 Skincare Clinics in Sydney: 

5. The Skin Bar
4. CE Skin Aesthetics
3. The Skin Philosophy
2. Jocelyn Petroni
1. All Saints Clinic


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As well as getting treatments and buying skincare in a clinic, there is also the option to do this online through a trusted remote skincare clinic. At Face Dr, we are stockists of some incredible medical-grade skincare ranges — such as Obagi Medical and ZO Skin Health — and we operate our skincare clinic remotely so we can reach clients all over the world, chat to them about their skincare needs via a free 10-30 minute online video consultation, and prescribe the products we believe to be most effective for their specific skin type.  

If you are worried about how much your in-clinic appointment might cost, or how you will fit it in around work and other responsibilities, our free online consultations allow you to choose from a 10 minute to 30 minute consultation, and could be perfect for you. You can learn more about in-clinic vs. online skincare consultations here



If you want to travel to an in-clinic appointment to discuss your skincare needs, then here are our top 5 skincare clinics in Sydney.


Top 5 skincare clinics in Sydney


The Skin Bar


#5 The Skin Bar 

The Skin Bar has clinics all across Sydney, in Double Bay, Cronulla and Brookvale, and offers various treatments with a focus on holistic anti-ageing. The interior design makes your visit to the clinic feel relaxing and special, and their team of knowledgeable aestheticians are dedicated to getting to the core of your skin needs and creating a bespoke treatment plan that will bring you real results that last. It’s their approach that generates reviews like this:

"Over the past 5 years Sam has completely transformed my skin and in turn my confidence.

It’s the truly bespoke approach and expertise that saw my acne scarring, congestion and pigmentation vanish... I recommend the Skin Bar to everyone; no matter your skin concern." - Billie, The Skin Bar client 

As well as anti-ageing treatments, they offer services to suit all skin needs, such as help with fighting acne, or skin peels to perfect your complexion. With various facial options, peels, LED light treatments, skin needling options and more, as well as carefully chosen brands like Biologi and Dr Spiller to keep your new results going long-term, you can design the ideal treatment plan with your aesthetician and start to work towards the skin that’ll make you most confident. 




  • They offer a free virtual consultation 
  • They don’t seem to offer medical grade skincare products like Obagi or ZO Skin Health
  • They have multiple locations in New South Wales 
  • They are mostly focused on skin needling, so if that’s not your thing, you may find more treatment options elsewhere 



CE Skin Aesthetics


#4 CE Skin Aesthetics


CE Skin Aesthetics has many 5 star reviews on Google, and offers a range of services to help with all your skin needs. They describe themselves as a ‘medical aesthetic clinic’, offering non-invasive treatments and products to show your skin the TLC it deserves. Their relaxing clinics and professional staff will put you at ease. From general skin health advice, to collagen induction therapies to exfoliation facials and peels, they have a treatment to suit every skin type and concern, leaving you with impressive results.

CE Skin Aesthetics also offers prescription-only skincare and well-known brands like Skinceuticals, and they are steadfast in their approach. They avoid “quick fix” treatments that may offer immediate results but not long-term value. Instead, they see great skincare as a marathon, not a sprint, opting for a treatment plan that will help to restore, rejuvenate and nourish your skin. 



  • They offer medical-grade skincare products 
  • They do not offer the Obagi and ZO Skin Health brands, which we consider to be the best of the best 
  • They offer virtual consultations
  • Their virtual consultations are not free 


The Skin Philosophy


#3 The Skin Philosophy 


Another highly reviewed skin clinic located in Sydney’s CBD is The Skin Philosophy. This clinic is doctor-led, and focuses on correcting common skin issues such as loss of volume, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and discolouration, and other common signs of ageing. 

You can opt for non-invasive procedures and treatments, such as microneedling, skin lasering, and more. Whatever your skin needs, their dedicated team will work with you to address whatever is holding your skin back, as well as offering from a range of medical grade skincare products so you can continue your skin treatment at home with a topical post-treatment routine. 

With treatments for everything from anti-ageing and enlarged pores, to freckles and age spots, you can shop by skin concern and walk away looking and feeling more confident. Their approach works for a number of well-known Australian TV personalities:

“...I started going to The Skin Philosophy over a year ago. Since then, my skin has improved immensely. Rosita is kind, patient, informative and highly skilled. You let her know your skin concerns and budget and she takes care of you perfectly. I am so happy I found her.” 

- Andrea Demetriades, Australian actress




  • A doctor-led clinic offering trusted medical advice 
  • They don’t seem to offer virtual appointments 
  • They offer a range of medical-grade skincare products 
  • They do not offer the Obagi and ZO Skin Health brands, which we consider to be the best of the best 



Jocelyn Petroli


#2 Jocelyn Petroni


Jocelyn Petroni is a well-known name in skincare thanks to her work with Hollywood heavyweights like Naomi Watts. Offering a range of facials as well as manicure services, the Jocelyn Petroni clinic in Sydney is a top spot for a boost of skin radiance and youthful luminosity. 

With unique treatments like their Heart Chakra Facial, where two therapists work together for the ultimate experience, combined with classic options such as their Complexion Boosting Facial and Skin Regenerating Peel, you’ll find something that works for you here. 

You can purchase premium skincare from the Jocelyn Petroni clinic too, ensuring your results are not just a one-off, but rather a new commitment to your skin. Whether you’re looking for expert skincare advice or just to give your skin a serious treat like the A-listers do, this clinic can offer great results, backed up by the many 5 star reviews on Google from previous happy clients. 




  • They offer virtual skincare consultations
  • Their virtual consultations are not free
  • They offer a personalised service with treatments loved by many celebrities 
  • They do not seem to offer medical-grade skincare brands such as Obagi and ZO Skin Health 


All Saints Clinic


#1 All Saints Clinic


One of the best places to work on your skin in Sydney is All Saints Clinic, which also has a celebrity following thanks to its association with Dr. Joseph Hkeik, an aesthetic physician with 10+ years experience in skincare. Apparently Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of his work, so it’s no surprise this clinic is a popular spot for anyone looking to improve their skin. 

With a range of treatments such as facial peels, laser, skin tightening treatments to help with sagging skin, and a HydraFacial that Rita Ora calls “phenomenal”, you’re bound to walk away from All Saints Clinic looking and feeling great. The team works to activate your own skin renewal with personalised advice and treatment, and even an in-house nutritionist and wellness coach so you can continue your great results from the inside out.

This highly regarded clinic is one of the best in Sydney for achieving the skin look and feel you’ve been waiting for.  




  • They have a huge range of skin treatments available, so you are sure to find the best one for your skin needs 
  • They do not appear to offer virtual consultations 
  • They were founded by a doctor, offering trusted medical advice 
  • They do not seem to offer medical-grade skincare brands such as Obagi and ZO Skin Health 



Summary: Sydney skincare clinic or free at-home skincare consultation? 


At Home Skin Consultation


We hope our list of the top 5 skincare clinics in Sydney helps you discover the best treatments and products available to you in the area so you can prioritise your skin needs. 

If you don’t want to be limited to continuously travelling to a clinic to achieve the results you’re looking for, many clinics now offer video skincare consultations which allow you to speak to an expert from your own home and have the recommended medical-grade products delivered to your door. 

At Face Dr, we offer free video skincare consultations with our Skin Experts who will work with you to create the ideal routine for your skin needs using only the very best brands that we have found deliver the best results for our clients time and time again. Your Skin Expert will recommend the best products for you and how best to use them, and you can log into your handy account to see your skincare regime instructions any time, and order your products for delivery straight to your door. 

We have chosen to partner with brands like Obagi and ZO Skin Health as they provide the most game-changing results for our clients, using high quality ingredients at a cost-effective price. If you are looking to address a specific skin concern, our multi award-winning experts can help you tackle issues such as acne, rosacea, ageing skin, sun damage, dry skin, pigmentation problems, blocked/open pores, uneven tone, redness, sensitivity and more. 

With our free video skincare consultations, you can see your very own skincare specialist quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Ready to get started? 



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