Top 6 ZO Skin Health stockists in London [reviewed 2024]

Vanessa Gibbs

ZO Skin Health is a leading skincare brand that sells everything from everyday essentials—like cleansers and sunscreen—to targeted treatments—like products for hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne and wrinkles. The high concentrations of active ingredients that make ZO Skin Health products so effective mean you can only get them after expert advice and from approved stockists. While this takes a little more time, it ensures the products are right for your skin and can give you the best results.  

Approved stockists include everyone from professional aesthetic practitioners to dermatologists, plastic surgeons to doctors and medical spas, but where exactly should you go? If you’re based in London, there’s plenty of choice with hundreds of stockists across the city. To help you decide, we’ve listed the top five ZO Skin Health stockists in London: 

#6 The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

#5 Askinology

#4 Skin & Sanctuary 

#3 Cavendish Clinic

#2 Eudelo

#1 The London Cosmetic Clinic

Before we cover these places in detail, you may be wondering if ZO Skin Health is right for you. Here at Face Dr, our team of skin experts have decades of experience helping thousands of clients get healthy and glowing skin. We’re constantly recommending ZO Skin Health as we’ve seen the real results this brand can offer. 

If you’re based in London, we’ve covered the best places to purchase the products in person. Londoners also have the option of getting their professional recommendations and products online without having to leave the comfort of their home with the online consultations we offer here at Face Dr. Want to find out more about how you can gain access to ZO Skin Health products, delivered straight to your door without leaving your home? Click the button below to get started.


Read on to find out more about our top clinic picks in London.

ZO Skin Health stockists in London

Where to get ZO Skin Health products in London 


#6 The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic 


Found on Harley Street in Marylebone—the street that’s famous for private medical practices—The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic offers everything from plastic surgery to facials to chemical peels with ZO Skin Health products. 

The clinic was founded in 2005 by Ayham Al-Ayoubi, a leading plastic surgeon. It now offers hundreds of treatments for the face and body, as well as stocking skincare products. You can book an initial consultation with one of their experts that will take about 30 minutes. They’ll examine your skin, talk about your concerns and recommend the best ZO products to help. From our research, we’re not sure if these are free of charge or online. Clients are asked to email or call to book their consultation. 


#5 Askinology 


Askinology offers a range of beauty services including peels, facials and laser treatments. The clinic is found in the City of London in Leadenhall Market. It was founded by Dr Askari Townshend, who has been working in skin clinics since 2008. 

There’s three levels to the clinic. You’ll find a cosmeceutical boutique on the ground floor, a facial bar on the mezzanine, and a laser and aesthetic clinic in the basement. To start your journey with ZO products, you can book a consultation with Askinology—they’re free and last about 30 minutes—and you can also speak to an expert in the cosmeceutical boutique. Online consultations aren’t available. 

#4 Skin & Sanctuary


For east Londoners, there’s Skin & Sanctuary, a clinic found in Hackney. It was founded by Dr Saira Vasdev and Sonia Rishi, and treatments include everything from fillers to chemical peels, microneedling to facials. 

You can also book a consultation with one of their skincare experts and browse their store which sells plenty of skincare products. From our research, we’re not sure if these are free of charge or online. Clients are asked to call to book their consultation. 


#3 Cavendish Clinic 


Cavendish Clinic has locations across London—you can find them in Fitzrovia, Parsons Green and Kensington—and there’s even a branch  in Glasgow. The clinic was founded in 2011 by several leading doctors. Treatments target everything from sun damage to acne to wrinkles. You can book a free virtual skin consultation with them to talk about ZO Skin Health products and which ones are best for you.  

Here’s what one 5-star review had to say: Skin consultation was really helpful. Products purchased did the trick” 


#2 Eudelo  


Eudelo has two branches in London—one on Harley Street in Marylebone and the other in south London in Vauxhall. The clinics offer medical dermatology and aesthetic treatments as well as stocking skincare products. Eudelo is run by Dr Stefanie Williams, a leader in the field. 

You can speak to a member of the team at the clinic or do a free skincare consultation over the phone where an expert will recommend products and put together a tailored routine to follow. Of course, while having a phone consultation is great for those who can’t go to the clinic in person, a clinician can only offer so much advice without seeing your skin. 


#1 The London Cosmetic Clinic


Another clinic that’s found on Harley Street in Marylebone is the London Cosmetic Clinic. This clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical skincare treatments. For ZO, not only do they offer the full range of ZO products, the clinic also offers ZO Skin Health treatments, too, which include facials and chemical peels. 

You can book a free in-person consultation with them to discuss the best products for you or request a call back to speak over the phone for initial skincare advice. 

Here’s what one 5-star review had to say: “Superb clinic. Considered, friendly but professional consultation regarding individual needs.”


Looking for an online consultation? 

 Face Dr skin expert holding product for online skincare consultation


Even though there are hundreds of stockists in London, you sometimes can’t beat doing something from the comfort of your home. Here at Face Dr, we offer free online consultations where you can speak to one of our skin experts about ZO Skin Health products. 

In a 30-minute video call, a member of our team will analyse your skin, discuss your exact concerns and recommend the best products for the job. Plus, they can help you build these products into a routine that can help get your skin healthy and glowing. There’s never any obligation to make a purchase. If you need further advice after your consultation, our team is always available, free of charge, via phone or email. This way, you’ll have an expert with you at every step of your skincare journey. 

Beyond ZO Skin Health, if you have any other questions about skincare products, how to use them, or need more information about specific concerns, our team is always on hand to share their knowledge and help you take the best care of your skin.