Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum
Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum


Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum


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The Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum contains medical-grade ingredients including Vitamin C and Arbutin. Use as directed by your Skin Expert.

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Product Details:

Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum is a skin-brightening serum with Vitamin C designed to tackle fine lines, wrinkles and dull complexion. The key ingredient in this product is Arbutin, a non-prescription option that prevents the production of melanin - responsible for causing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps to brighten dull complexions.
  • Improves signs of skin ageing and reduces dark spots.
Directions for use

  • Use once daily in the morning.
  • After cleansing the skin, apply 5-7 drops to the entire face or as directed by your Skin Expert.
  • Massage in gently.

Size: 30ml

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Dr Julia explains how to effectively use Vitamin C in your skincare routine


Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum FAQs

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When and how do I use Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum?

Your Face Dr Skin Expert will be able to guide you with tips for best usage for your skin.

Is the Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum the right product for me?

For guidance on whether this product is right for you, book your free video skincare consultation with one of our Face Dr Skin Experts. If you have dull skin in need of brightening, this could be the perfect product to include in your routine.

How can I buy the Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum?

Once you have had a quick chat or consultation with one of our Skin Experts, this product will be added to your regime within your Face Dr account if it is suitable for your skin. You can also buy in our shop or by getting in touch at hello@myfacedr.com

How much does the Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum cost?

Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum costs £124 and is available to purchase once you have a Face Dr account and have had a consultation with one of our Skin Experts.

How long does the Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum last?

It really depends on your skincare regime, and how you use your products. For example, your cleanser is used AM and PM will last between 2-3 months, whereas your toning pads used daily will last 1-2 months. However, with high-quality skincare products, a little goes a long way. Ask your Skin Expert for advice on this, and guidance on how much of each product you should use at a time.

Where can I reorder my Obagi-C FX C-Clarifying Serum?

Login to your account to reorder your Obagi Medical products. If you are new to Face Dr, follow the link to get started and select the reorder option.

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