Step one of a proper skincare routine is using a facial cleanser. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type and concerns is so important, as it is the foundation of a great skincare regime. You might be looking for a smoothing cleanser, a foaming cleanser to really clear those pores, a skin renewing cleanser or even a cleanser for a specific concern such as acne or oily skin. We offer a range of face cleansers to suit any skin type, from exfoliating cleansers to gentle cleansers for more sensitive or compromised skin. Using a professional, medical-grade facial skin cleanser will not only work the most effectively at properly cleansing the skin, but it will also prime your skin so you can get the most out of the rest of your skincare routine. Here at Face Dr, we offer professional products from brands including ZO Skin Health, Obagi and AllSkin Med, and we only recommend skincare products with proven results using ingredients such as salicylic and hyaluronic acid. Need a little help choosing the right cleanser for you? Book your free online video skincare consultation with one of our Skin Experts here.


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