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ZO Illuminating AOX Serum


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Apply in the morning, just before your sun protection facial SPF.

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Product Details:

A concentrated antioxidant facial serum that provides protection against pollution and the signs of premature skin ageing. Visibly brightens the skin and works in perfect harmony with ZO Daily Power Defense.

  • Provides advanced, all-day environmental protection, and proven pollution defence.
  • Visibly reduces the premature signs of ageing skin.
  • Supports overall skin health.
  • Restores youthful luminosity to dry and dull skin.
  • Blurs imperfections for a smooth finish.
Directions for use

  • Apply a small amount of the ZO Illuminating AOX Serum to your fingertips and massage it into your skin using circular motions.
  • Allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin before applying any other products or makeup.

Size: 50ml

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ZO Illuminating AOX Serum FAQs

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When do I use ZO Illuminating AOX Serum?

Use once daily, in the morning, just before your SPF sun protection skincare product. For most clients, we recommend this product is used instead of Daily Power Defense in the morning. Daily Power Defense should be applied in the evening instead. However, we sometimes recommend both products are layered in the morning depending on what our client hopes to achieve.

Is ZO Illuminating AOX Serum the right product for me?

ZO's Illuminating AOX Serum is a hero product suitable for the majority of clients to either reduce or prevent the signs of skin ageing and achieve a luminous glow. Your Face Dr Skin Expert will be able to advise whether this product is right for your skin.

How can I buy ZO Illuminating AOX Serum?

You can purchase your ZO Illuminating AOX Serum and other ZO Skin Health recommended products after an online consultation. The ZO skincare range will be made available for purchase in your Face Dr Account. Face Dr is an official clinic stockist for ZO Skin Health.

How much does ZO Illuminating AOX Serum cost?

It is prohibited for Face Dr to show online pricing for all of our skincare brands. If you are curious about pricing please discuss with a Face Dr Skin Expert or email our team at hello@myfacedr.com. Our pricing for ZO Skin Health follows their own RRP pricing. Products can range from £39 to £126 with tailored skincare kits starting at £150. Your Face Dr Skin Expert will be able to discuss your budget and skin concerns in a free online consultation.

How long does ZO Illuminating AOX Serum last?

How long your ZO Illuminating AOX Serum depends on how much product you are using and how often. Your Skin Expert will be able to discuss how much product to use and also advise on when to use your serum. Generally, with daily use, the ZO Illuminating AOX Serum can last up to 2-3 months.

Where can I reorder my ZO Illuminating AOX Serum?

If you are a client with us, you can log into your Face Dr Account and reorder your prescribed products. If you are new to Face Dr but have used ZO before you can submit as reorder form here.

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