ZO Skin Health Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment 2% salicylic acid toner
ZO Skin Health Oil Control Pads
ZO Skin Health Oil Control Pads

ZO Skin Health

ZO Oil Control Pads

60 Pads

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After cleansing skin, use one pad twice daily AM and PM. If your skin becomes dry and sensitive, reduce to one pad per day or every other day. Increase use as tolerated.

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Product Details:

Specifically designed for acne-prone skin. A revolutionary acne treatment prevention solution to be used as part of an acne program of ZO products. ZO Skin Health's Oil Control Pads work to remove oil and normalise pore size with key ingredients including salicylic acid, mandelic acid and glycolic acid. In addition, they smooth the surface of the skin and reduce skin irritation and the formation of acne.

  • Gets rid of dead skin cells.
  • This acne treatment targets oiliness and removes oil and dirt from pores.
  • 2% Maximum strength salicylic acid in the product provides acne treatment.
  • Makes pores appear smaller.
  • Cooling ingredients soothe irritated skin.
  • Lightens post-acne marks.
  • The texture of the pads have been designed to help promote exfoliation.
  • Multi-antioxidant complex reduces the risk of future skin damage.
Directions for use

  • Begin by cleansing your face with a ZO Skin Health cleanser.
  • Take a pad and swipe it over your face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Repeat until your entire face has been treated with the pad.
  • Allow the product to absorb into your skin before applying any other skincare products or makeup.
  • Use the pads once or twice daily for best results.

Size: 60 Pads

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Dr Julia discusses the ZO Skin Health toners so you can choose which is right for your skin.


ZO Oil Control Pads FAQs

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When do I use ZO Oil Control Pads?

Use after cleansing the skin, one pad twice daily AM & PM or as directed by your Face Dr Skin Expert.

Who are the ZO Oil Control Pads ideal for?

This acne treatment targets oiliness and is ideal for clients who are experiencing acne or breakouts. Your Face Dr Skin Expert will be able to advise whether this product is right for your skin.

Where can I buy ZO Oil Control Pads?

The ZO Skin Health products will be made available for you to order after you have had a free online consultation with a Face Dr Skin Expert. Log in to your Face Dr account in order to make a purchase. If you would prefer to visit a physical clinic near you, you can search nearby approved clinics on the ZO Skin Health website. Please note that only official clinic stockists can sell ZO Skin Health products.

How much do ZO Oil Control Pads cost?

As an authorised ZO Skin Health stockist, we are prohibited from showing prices of the ZO skincare products online. Prices can range from £35 to £126. We also offer tailorable skincare kits starting at £150. For specific pricing enquiries please ask your Face Dr Skin Expert during a consultation or email our team at hello@myfacedr.com.

How long will my ZO Oil Control Pads last?

It really depends on your skincare regime, and how you use your ZO Oil Control Pads. If you use two pads per day, then your ZO Skin Health Oil Control Pads should last for 30 days. However, with high-quality skincare products, a little goes a long way and it will depend how often you use the product. There is a lot of product on each pad, so you may wish to cut them in half. This means you would get 60 days usage when using twice per day. Ask your Skin Expert for advice on this, and guidance on how much of each product you should use at a time.

Where can I reorder my ZO Oil Control Pads?

You can reorder your ZO Oil Control Pads by logging into your Face Dr Account. If you are new to the Face Dr Website, you can reorder using the form here..

What other ZO Skin Health products can I pair ZO Oil Control Pads with?

ZO Oil Control Pads are compatible with all of the ZO products in the range. You can use the Oil Control Pads with the ZO Exfoliating Cleanser and the ZO Dual Action Scrub.

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