The best skincare brands for hyperpigmentation [review 2022]

Vanessa Gibbs

As much as we’d all love a one-product wonder that could solve our skincare problems in one bottle, most of the time, we need a collection of products all working together to get the results we want.  

With hyperpigmentation, this is even more important as missing a key step in your skincare routine, like sunscreen, or using products which aggravate the skin could make things worse. That’s why opting for a high-quality skincare brand with products specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation and work well together is so important.

If you’ve decided to lighten the look of dark spots and you’ve just started researching where to begin, it can be daunting to find hundreds of brands out there with hundreds of products. 

But, don’t fear, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best skincare brands for hyperpigmentation. Here Face Dr, our skin experts treat hyperpigmentation often and have helped people with all kinds of skin tones and types find the right products to help. Want to speak to the experts directly? Book a free online skincare consultation to get tailored recommendations for brands and products. 


But before we dive into our favourites, what exactly is hyperpigmentation?  

What is hyperpigmentation?  


Most of us will experience hyperpigmentation at some point in our lives and perhaps you have, too, but never knew the name. Hyperpigmentation is a natural skin reaction where patches of skin become darker than your overall skin tone. It’s completely harmless and very common, so it’s nothing to worry about. But many of us just don’t like the look of them, especially when new dark spots keep popping up.  

It’s caused by an excess of melanin, the natural pigment which gives our skin, eyes and hair their colour. Our bodies are triggered to make this excess melanin by three main things:  

  • Sun exposure  
  • Hormones—such as from the pill or pregnancy 
  • Inflammation—such as from conditions like acne and eczema or from cuts or burns  

The good news is that there are products out there which can lighten the look of existing dark spots, even out discolouration and stop new patches from forming. 

Now that you know what causes it, let’s find the best skincare brands for reducing the look of hyperpigmentation.  

What are the best skincare brands for hyperpigmentation?  


ZO Skin Health 


ZO Skin Health skincare products for hyperpigmentation

Good for: All skin types, even sensitive skin  

Product to try: Brightalive Skin Brightener 

Prices start from: Get in touch with for pricing. 

ZO Skin Health has a range of products designed to tackle moderate to severe hyperpigmentation. From enzymatic peels to lightening creams, the brand has several products or try individually or ready-to-go programs containing a set of products which work together to treat hyperpigmentation.  

The skin brightening program, for example, contains a cleanser, an exfoliator, exfoliating pads and skin brightening serums. These products don’t use retinol or hydroquinone, so they’re perfect for sensitive skin and those prone to reactions and irritation. 




Good for: All skin types, even sensitive skin

Product to try: Pigmentbio Night Renewer

Prices start from: £10 

French brand Bioderma has a range called Pigmentbio which is specifically designed to treat hyperpigmentation. There’s a night cream that brightens discolouration while you sleep, a vitamin C serum to target specific spots, two different types of cleansers and a daily moisturiser with SPF.  

The range uses ingredients like vitamin C and E to protect the skin from UV rays and other damage, azelaic acid to reduce the amount of melanin being produced, and glycolic and salicylic acid to remove dead discoloured skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion.  


iS Clinical 


iS Clinical skincare products for hyperpigmentation

Good for: All skin types

Product to try: iS Clinical Brightening serum

Prices start from: £20  

iS Clinical is another skincare brand with a pre-built set of products to tackle dark spots. Their four-step plan includes products to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect the skin with a cleanser, lightening complex, lightening serum, hydrating serum and a sunscreen.  

Botanical ingredients like white willow bark and kojic acid exfoliate your skin while vitamin C and chamomile help protect it from free radicals. The SPF 30 sunscreen helps to prevent further hyperpigmentation from forming and existing dark spots from getting darker.  




Good for: Combination and oily skin  

Product to try: Discolouration Defense Serum  

Prices start from: £28 

With plenty of products in the hyperpigmentation section, you’re spoilt for choice at SkinCeuticals. This skincare brand has different products designed to protect your skin and prevent dark spots from forming as well as correcting any hyperpigmentation you may have already. There are also cleansers and toners you can add to your daily skincare routine which help to hydrate, exfoliate and keep skin healthy.  

Ingredients such as glycolic acid in the cleanser exfoliate and brighten your skin and retinol in the night cream reduce melanin production. 

One thing to be aware of when using the retinol night cream is to start slowly. Though it’s designed for first-time users, you should still start by using it once or twice a week as it can irritate the skin. It also makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so be sure to wear sunscreen and avoid excess sun exposure.  




Medik8 skincare product

Good for: All skin types including dark skin tones and sensitive skin 

Product to try: White Balance Brightening Serum

Prices start from: £21 

Medik8 uses their patented Oxy-R formula to brighten hyperpigmentation. This skincare ingredient blocks the enzyme which makes excess melanin in the skin and has been clinically proven to even out the skin tone in 14 days.  

Other ingredients include vitamin C to protect the skin against free radicals and kojic acid to reduce melanin production and discolouration. They also use polyhydroxy acids to exfoliate and break down dead skin cells.  

The range includes lightening serums, overnight creams, cleansers and, of course, sunscreen.  

La Roche Posay 



Good for: All skin types, even sensitive skin

Product to try: Pure Vitamin C10 Serum

Prices start from: £10 

La Roche Posay has a range called Pigmentclar which includes a serum, a moisturiser with SPF and an eye cream. Specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, this range uses ingredients like Ferulic Acid, Biloba leaf extract and Ginkgo to lighten the look of dark spots. 

The brand also has a 10% pure vitamin C serum which—along with signs of aging and dryness— reduces dark spots and patches, especially over large areas like overall discolouration on the face. 

Which one should you choose? 

woman using cotton pad on skin

So there you have it, six of our favourite skincare brands with products and ranges designed to tackle hyperpigmentation and lighten the look of dark spots. 

Of course, there are still six to choose from, so if you’re ready to invest in some products but not sure which ones are best for you, why not get tailored advice from our skin experts. Our team can analyse your skin tone and type to give you the best recommendations with a free online skincare consultation

We only recommend brands that use cosmeceutical ingredients and give you real results. We’ll analyse your skin, ask about your exact concerns—whether that’s just hyperpigmentation or other skincare issue too—and then recommend the best brands for the job. We can also recommend which products to use from those brands, and help you build an entire routine. 

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