Face Dr | Frequently asked questions

Where do Face Dr ship to?

We have been helping people across the UK to get their prescriptive skincare products to them.

We offer Online Skincare Consultations and Online Review Consultations to absolutely anyone who wishes to have one, across Scotland and the rest of the UK, and as long as you live in the United Kingdom or have an address in the UK we can ship to, we will be able post your products to you.

We are excited to say that we now also offer shipping to Australia. For more information on this, email us at hello@myfacedr.com.

How long will it be before I receive the products I have ordered?

In the UK, any product that has been ordered before 1pm on a weekday will be shipped to your door, free of charge (on orders over £100), fully-tracked via Royal Mail and should arrive with you within a few working days. Orders during the weekend will be dispatched on Monday.

How can I reorder my skincare products online?

Repurchase of your products could not be easier. Simply log in to your Face Dr account here, and you will be able to reorder your products without the need for another consultation.

New to us, but not to our skincare brands? Complete ZO Skin Health Product Order Form here or our Obagi Medical Product Order Form here and we will post them straight to your door for free!

How much does a Video Skincare Consultation with Face Dr cost?

Our skincare consultations and reviews are free of charge. Our advice to you, and guidance on your skin, is all free of charge and we will guide you through your skincare journey every step of the way. There is absolutely no obligation to buy your skincare products from us if you decide our advice isn’t right for you.

How can I book my free skincare consultation?

If you are brand new to Face Dr, simply click here, choose Free Video Skincare Consultation and enter a few of your details. It should take you no longer than a few minutes to book your consultation. If you are a returning client and would like a review appointment, you can do so by clicking here and choosing Review Video Consultation.

What should I expect from my free Video Skincare Consultation with Face Dr?

Your Skin Expert will ask you a number of questions about your concerns, medical history and current skincare routine - so if you need to prepare anything for us, do this in advance. We will then advise you of the best skincare regime for your skin, within your budget.

How should I prepare for my Video Skincare Consultation?

Your Skin Expert will take note of your previous medical concerns and any notes you leave for them, but there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your Video Skincare Consultation.

1. Make a list of any questions/problems or concerns you wish to discuss beforehand - this will prepare you with what you would like your therapist to focus on.

2. Grab a pen & paper - you may want to note down any important points, hints or tips on skincare.

3. Check you have a good quality internet connection, your sound and mic are turned on and that there is good lighting in the room.

4. Ideally, remove any make-up you are wearing and cleanse your skin before your video consultation appointment - this will assist your therapist in being able to analyse your skin more accurately.

5. Try keeping a skin diary - it will help you to identify your most pressing skin concerns, so we can keep the consultation focussed on helping you the best we can!

How can I contact Face Dr?

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by emailing hello@myfacedr.com - we can answer any questions you may have or direct your question to a Skin Expert.

Our HQ is based at 53-55 York Place, Perth, Scotland, PH2 8EH, and our company number is SC622325. Our Clinic Manager is Laura George, and you can contact her by emailing hello@myfacedr.com