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Obagi Medical Nu-Derm vs. CLENZIderm
Find out which Obagi Medical skincare kit is better for you; Obagi Nu-Derm or Obagi CLENZIderm. Find out pricing, how to buy and more.
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What is benzoyl peroxide
If you suffer from acne, you may have come across the ingredient benzoyl peroxide and wondered whether or not it could work for you. This strong, effective ingredient has long been used in skincare products to clear troublesome acne, and though it may sound like a scary chemical, it could in fact be the ingredient you’ve been looking for. We’re breaking down all things benzoyl peroxide; the benefits, side effects, products you’ll find it in, and more.
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What skincare and makeup products can I use with Tretinoin?
Read our Skin Expert guide about which skincare and makeup ingredients you should avoid whilst using a Tretinoin cream or gel.
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Obagi Medical Tretinoin Creams & Gels

What is Tretinoin and how does it work?

By Hannah Wilson

When it comes to skincare there are tons of obscure ingredients out there that seem a bit of a mystery. Perhaps you have come across...
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skincate tips for people with acne blackheads and breakouts
Struggling with acne vulgaris and not sure what you should be doing to help your skin? Our skin experts at Face Dr have rounded up 5 top tips that can make all the difference for acne-prone skin.
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