Our top 5 tips for healthy skin during the winter

Hannah Wilson

Winter has officially arrived. This means colder temperatures, steaming hot showers, harsh winds and central heating - all things that unfortunately don't lend themselves to a radiant complexion. 

You may notice changes in your skin already, maybe dullness in your complexion or dryness and flaking here and there. As our skin changes through the seasons, we may need to make a few tweaks to our skincare regime to keep our skin looking and feeling its best.

Here at Face Dr, we offer free video skincare consultations with our Skin Experts, who can advise the best products to use during the winter in your skincare routine. To book your consultation, tap the button below, or read on to find out more about our top 5 tips for healthy skin during the winter.


Below are our top 5 tips for healthy skin during the Winter months:

#1 Protect

#2 Hydrate

#3 Exfoliate

#4 Limit hot showers

#5 Treat

We explain more about these tips below, including how to improve your skin health during the colder months.

#1 Protect

ZO Skin Health SPF sunscreens

Although the days may be getting shorter, the sun in Autumn and Winter can be just as damaging as the sun in summer. Wearing an SPF throughout the year is extremely important as it keeps the skin protected from UVA & UVB light. ZO Skin Health SPFs also protect from HEV and IRA rays, which come from your electronic devices such as computers, laptops and mobile phones. Now a lot of us are working from home more often, this type of protection is more important than ever. With ZO Skin Health SPFs you can be sure you're getting the very best protection throughout the year.

#2 Hydrate

Hydrate with Lemon water hydration skincare tips

We all tend to forget to drink as much water during the colder months as we start to enjoy our hot cocoas and coffees more! Pumpkin spiced latte anyone? But it is important for our bodies to gain hydration from the inside, out. Try hot water with lemon. Lemon contains Vitamin C which is great for your skin. It can boost collagen while acting as an antioxidant. Not only that, but it can prevent the ageing process; so get sipping! Worried about very dry or dehydrated skin? ZO Skin Health offer a range of hydrating products which support your skin's natural hydrating processes. Read why ZO hydrating creams are better than moisturisers here, or take a look at ZO's range here.

#3 Exfoliate

ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish

An exfoliator will help to promote the removal of any dead skin cells to prevent clogging your pores. It will also help increase circulation, creating a smoother, more even-toned and brighter skin complexion. We recommend exfoliating the skin more frequently during the winter months. For more information on how often you should be exfoliating, or to find out more about our exfoliating products, book your free skincare consultation here.

#4 Limit hot showers

Limit hot showers skincare winter tips

Try to avoid hot showers and if you can't, then no longer than 10 minutes! This can cause dehydration to your skin and strip the natural oils, drying your skin out further during the winter months. We recommend you opt for a warm shower. Pat your skin dry and then apply your favourite hydrating creams to your face and body. Although we specialise in facial skin, we do offer some fantastic ZO Skin Health body care products. Why not take a look?

#5 Treat

ZO Skin Health at-home facials

Take the time to treat your skin to at-home facials during the colder months. An at-home facial treatment is essential for your skin and important for your well-being. We have at-home facial masques from anything from acne-prone and oily skin to dry and flaky skin. Have a look at our at-home treatments here.

In summary

With just a few simple measures in place, you can make sure your skin is healthy and protected during the autumn and winter months. If you think your regime might need a little shake-up in time for winter, book your free skincare review or full consultation below.

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