How much does it cost to treat rosacea properly?

Vanessa Gibbs

Rosacea is the name for the red patches of skin that appear on the face. It’s a completely harmless skin condition, but for those of us who suffer from it it can be uncomfortable as stinging and burning sensations often come with each flare up. 

As well as the discomfort, many of us simply don’t like the look of the red blotchy patches, especially as they most often pop up on the nose and cheeks. 

Want to know exactly what’s going on behind those red patches? You can find out more about the symptoms and causes of rosacea here.

Luckily, there are plenty of treatments out there to help, but how much should you expect to pay for these? This all depends on which treatment you choose. At-home skincare products are more budget friendly, whereas in-clinic procedures have a higher price tag, but they're often more effective. 

Here at Face Dr, we believe that it’s important to make our clients aware of all their options. So to help, we’ve outlined the different types of rosacea treatments and what they’ll cost. The best way to know if you’re choosing the right option is by speaking with an expert. We offer free online skincare consultations where you can tailored recommendations for your skin. 


Before we get started, it’s useful to know what’s going on behind those red patches. 

What is rosacea? 


On the surface of the skin, rosacea appears as red patches and blotches, usually on the nose and cheeks. These red patches could be permanent, or they could come and go with a variety of triggers like alcohol, spicy food and stress. 

Redness is the most common—and obvious—symptom. But, there are other symptoms that can come with the redness. These include: 

  • A stinging or burning feeling
  • Broken blood vessels 
  • Dry patches of skin 
  • Large open pores 

The cost of rosacea treatments 


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As the costs vary so wildly depending on which treatment option you choose, we’ve broken it down into skincare products and in-clinic treatments with something to suit every budget. Plus, you may find that mixing and matching treatment options gets the best results for you, with both skincare and in-clinic treatments. 

Skincare products


Skincare products are the easiest and most cost-effective treatment option when it comes to rosacea. You can apply them from the comfort of your home and include them as part of your daily skincare routine. 

Many brands out there have dedicated ranges and products designed to tackle the look of redness, calm the discomfort and restore an even looking complexion. Products can start as low as £10, but for real results, we always recommend cosmeceutical brands that use high-grade ingredients. 

Products to try: 


iS Clinical 


iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum uses vitamins A and E alongside botanical extracts to target rosacea. It restores the skin and promotes healing while reducing any feelings of discomfort and redness on the surface. The brand also has a selection of products dedicated to reducing redness and inflammation. 

Price: £72 

ZO Skin Health 


ZO Skin Health uses medical-grade ingredients to tackle skincare concerns from home. Rozatrol is a serum designed especially for those with rosacea. It uses natural extracts and antioxidants to soothe the skin and calm inflammation while reducing the appearance of redness.

Price: Get in touch at to find out more about pricing  

ZO Skin Health skincare products


In-clinic treatments 


Though costlier and more time consuming, in-clinic treatments are great for those who want immediate results. Depending on your budget, you can start with a more affordable facial, usually starting at around £50, and work up to treatments like LED light therapy and resurfacing procedures, which are over £150.



Facials are an in-clinic treatment you may have had before to help relax and treat skin to a boost, but they can also be great for targeting specific skincare concerns. For rosacea, look for facials that are exfoliating which will help to promote new skin cells and a fresh and blemish-free complexion. Be sure to speak to your facial practitioner about any rosacea concerns before your treatment, so they can use the best products for the job. 

Need an idea of where to start? Try the 45-minute Champagne Enzyme Facial which is as indulgent as it sounds and is ideal for those with rosacea. A warming honey and enzyme balm soothes and calms irritated and inflamed skin. Plus, bioactive ingredients work to exfoliate and resurface the skin whilst treating skin to a deep cleanse. 

Price: £65 

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LED light therapy


LED light therapy, or light emitting diode therapy, uses a treatment mask that emits a frequency of light to target different skincare concerns. For rosacea, there is a specific wavelength of light that can reduce the look of redness and promote healing from the inside. 

The light penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin to promote skin cell production and start the restoration process. Depending on your treatment, you may wear a face mask under the treatment mask for a double-dose of redness-fighting magic. 

Price: £30 to £70 

NanoFractional Skin Resurfacing Treatment


A nanofractional skin resurfacing treatment renews the skin with a fresh, bright and redness-free complexion. It works by using nanofractional radio frequency to make small pinpricks in the skin. The skin then heals these pinpricks naturally with new, undamaged skin cells for a healthier look on the surface. 

The procedure isn’t painful, and there’s minimal downtime. As well as rosacea, it also reduces the signs of sun damage, enlarged pores, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. 

You may see a difference after just one session, but some people need up to four sessions for the best results, four to six weeks apart. A skincare professional can advise you on exactly what you’ll need. 

Price: £195 

Which treatment is best for you? 

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Now you’ve got the price tags, it’s time to decide which rosacea treatment is best for you. Of course, when deciding on treatments, it’s not just price that’s a factor. You also need to think about your skin type and the severity of your rosacea. That’s where our skin experts come in. 

You can book a free online skincare consultation with one of our skin experts. Our team has decades of experience when it comes to treating clients with rosacea, so we can talk you through which treatments are best for you and your skin. Plus, we can recommend the best at-home skincare products you should be using, too, and even build an entire routine for you to follow.