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Looking for a game-changing moisturiser? Obagi Hydrate Luxe® has to be on your list! This product from Obagi Medical is undoubtedly one of the most hydrating products in the range, and one that our Skin Experts regularly recommend. 

At Face Dr, we love to make sure our clients get completely unbiased information when it comes to their skincare purchases so they know exactly what they’re applying to their skin. If it’s specifically Obagi Hydrate Luxe® that you’re curious about, we’re shining a spotlight on the benefits, ingredients, and fantastic results our clients have experienced using it. If you’ve been swithering over whether or not to try this product yourself, this is the article you need…

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Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • What is Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?
  • What will it do for my skin?
  • What is Hydromanil™ and why is it used in this product?
  • What other ingredients are included?
  • Who would benefit most from Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?
  • Who would not benefit from Obagi Hydrate Luxe®? 
  • What’s the difference between Obagi Hydrate Luxe® and Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer?
  • What products should I use alongside it? 
  • How often should I use it for best results? 
  • What do the Obagi Hydrate Luxe® reviews say? 
  • How much does the Obagi Hydrate Luxe® cost? 
  • Summary: Should I try Obagi Hydrate Luxe®? 


What is Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?


Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe


The ultimate hydration hero! Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is a much-loved product from the Obagi range, and one with plenty of great reviews from clients thrilled with the benefits it provides. 

Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is an ultra-rich overnight moisturiser formulated to thoroughly hydrate skin while you sleep. It’s the perfect mix of non-comedogenic — meaning it won’t clog pores — while being incredibly rich and luxurious with a balm-like texture that you’ll feel locking in skin moisture all night long. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Obagi range in general, you can read more about their products in our article: Obagi skincare; Everything you need to know.


What will it do for my skin?


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Hydrate, hydrate, and did we mention… hydrate? Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is known for its incredible moisturising properties, providing essential hydration and rejuvenation for extremely dry skin. As a result, you’ll be left with soft, supple, incredibly smooth skin without any irritation or pore clogging. 

Suffer from dry skin? You may find this article helpful: Dry skin: symptoms and causes



What is Hydromanil™ and why is it used in this product?


Hydromanil™  is used in a few products from the Obagi range because it’s so effective. It’s a natural active compound created to offer your skin optimal moisture levels and prevent water loss. This amazing ingredient works so well in Obagi Hydrate Luxe® due to its slow-release nature; the molecules are clinically proven to enhance the appearance and texture of skin by capturing water and absorbing it into skin slowly over 8 hours. Perfect for overnight beauty sleep!

By doing this, it reduces water loss on the surface of the skin, keeps moisture locked in, and prevents skin becoming extremely dry and cracking. By using Obagi Hydrate Luxe® every evening, you are creating a brilliant barrier to trap in moisture overnight and nourish your skin from within. 


What other ingredients are included?


Skincare & beauty products


Hydromanil™ is the main active ingredient in Obagi’s Hydrate Luxe®, but this formulation also features something called biomimetic peptides. A quick explanation: 

  • Peptides are amino acids that form the building blocks of necessary skin proteins like collagen and elastin
  • Biomimetic peptides (the ones you’ll find in Obagi Hydrate Luxe®) are a synthetic version formulated to mimic their effects

There are also a number of other great natural ingredients to boost skin hydration and nourishment. With ultra-hydrating shea butter, skin-softening mango butter and calming avocado oil helping to combat skin dryness, it’s a winning combination that will leave skin incredibly smooth, soft and supple. 


Who would benefit most from Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?


skincare consultations


Those with the driest types of skin are likely to benefit most from this overnight moisturiser, as it provides essential hydration to the deeper layers of skin. It is suitable for all skin types and helps enhance skin smoothness without irritating or clogging pores. 

However, those with particularly dry, dehydrated, flaky or cracked skin will gain the most benefits from this rich cream. Your Skin Expert will be able to advise on the best product for you during consultation, but if you have very dry skin this could be a strong contender. 

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Who would not benefit from Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?


If you have very oily skin, you may not need a product that’s quite so rich. Instead of an overnight moisturiser like Obagi Hydrate Luxe®, you are more likely to be prescribed a lighter daily moisturiser such as Obagi’s Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer which has a lighter texture and will provide the right amount of hydration for your skin type. 

You can learn more about Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer here. Or if you are more interested in a face oil, you can learn more about Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops® Facial Serum here


What’s the difference between Obagi Hydrate Luxe® and Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer?


Despite having similar ingredients, there are two main differences between these two hydrating products:

  • Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is best used overnight, while Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer is a daily moisturiser that can be used both morning and night
  • Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is a deeply hydrating moisturiser with a thick, rich consistency that seals in moisture overnight (best for very dry, dehydrated skin), while Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer is a much lighter, everyday moisturiser (best for oily, normal, or dry skin)


What products should I use alongside it?


Be sure to speak to your Skin Expert about the correct order to use your skincare products so you get the greatest benefits from each one. They will likely tell you to apply your Obagi Hydrate Luxe® last, creating a rich moisturising layer that will trap in the ingredients of the other products used beforehand, as well as your skin moisture.


How often should I use it for best results?


Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is often recommended for use before bed every night, but speak to your Skin Expert about the best way to use this product for your skin needs.


What do the Obagi Hydrate Luxe® reviews say?


Woman using face cream


We always give as much unbiased, honest information as we can in these articles to ensure you get what you need to make the right decision, which is why we usually offer some positive and negative reviews of products. 

On this occasion, on the Obagi website Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is extremely well reviewed, with very few negative reviews and none with consistent issues to mention. This is a firm favourite with our clients and the Obagi website has many 5* reviews from happy product users too: 

“The best moisturizer I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried LOTS of them. Great for my dry winter skin without feeling heavy or sticky..”

If you want to hear more about what our Face Dr clients think of this product, you can chat to your Skin Expert during your video consultation to find out if they think it’s a good product for you. They will always be honest about what your skin needs, even if that means prescribing a product from a different range instead. We love to ensure any product you use comes tailored to you and highly recommended for your skin.



How much does the Obagi Hydrate Luxe® moisturiser cost?


Obagi Hydrate Luxe® is never sold above RRP, and costs £61.



Summary: Should I try Obagi Hydrate Luxe®?


Obagi medical hydrate luxe


Do you suffer from extremely dry, dehydrated, and perhaps flaky or cracked skin? Then Obagi Hydrate Luxe® could be made for you. With ingredients such as Hydromanil™ formulated specifically for this issue, our Skin Experts regularly recommend this product to those in need of extra hydration that traditional high street moisturisers can’t offer. 

If you’re looking for a regular daily moisturiser then this won’t be the one for you, but if you need something with a bit more oomph, something that will keep in moisture while you sleep, and something that can provide amazingly soft, supple and hydrated results, then you might find it’s the overnight product of your dreams. Speak to one of our Skin Experts to find out!

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