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Hannah Wilson

Let’s talk serums! As authorised stockists of Obagi Medical products, we regularly recommend this range for its amazing ingredients and game-changing results on skin. One product frequently suggested by our Skin Experts (and a firm favourite with clients!) is Obagi’s Professional-C® Serum, available in three strengths — 10%, 15% or 20% — depending on your skin needs. 

In this article we’ll lift the lid on these superior serums; what they do, the cost, how to get your hands on them, and more. Our aim is always to share useful, unbiased advice on which products will work best for you, so if you think Professional-C® Serum could make a difference to your skin, read on!

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Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • What is Obagi Professional-C® Serum?
  • What are the benefits of Obagi Professional-C® Serum?
  • What is L-ascorbic acid and why is it in Professional-C® Serum?
  • What do the different percentages mean?
  • Who would benefit most from Professional-C® Serum?
  • How do I use it?
  • Are there any side effects I should know about?
  • How much does Obagi Professional-C® Serum cost?
  • How do I buy Obagi Professional-C® Serum in the UK?
  • Summary: Should I try Obagi Professional-C® Serum?


What is Obagi Professional-C® Serum?


What is Obagi’s Professional-C® Collection and how does it work?


Professional-C® Serum is part of the Obagi Professional-C® Collection. The whole collection is formulated with L-ascorbic acid, known as the ‘gold standard of vitamin C’ because of its potency as an antioxidant, its ability to fight signs of free radical damage and, as a result, its potential to slow any premature signs of skin ageing.  

The three serums within the range offer a high performing vitamin C serum with either 10, 15 or 20% pure L-ascorbic acid, and pH levels balanced to optimise stability, permeability and efficacy.


What are the benefits of Obagi Professional-C® Serum?


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There are many! Obagi Professional-C® Serum is regularly recommended by our Skin Experts due to the incredible skin transformations many of our clients have experienced. By harnessing the power of L-ascorbic acid, some benefits of this serum include: 

  • Instant absorption for lasting results
  • A boost of antioxidants to fortify the skin barrier
  • Defence against free radicals and protection from environmental stressors 
  • Reduction in signs of past skin damage
  • Improvement in the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles 
  • Brighter skin tone and a gorgeous glow

Clinical studies have even found Obagi Professional-C® Serum 20% provides significantly better antioxidant penetration than another leading competitor serum, with the benefits being absorbed up to 5x more effectively. 


What is L-ascorbic acid and why is it in Professional-C® Serum?


Vitamin C Serum


L-ascorbic acid is known as the purest form of vitamin C, and it’s a key ingredient in many skincare products because it’s so effective as a topical antioxidant. It’s great for keeping skin protected against environmental stressors and free radicals to limit future skin cell damage. Plus it prevents premature signs of ageing thanks to its ability to stimulate collagen production.

It’s also thought to help reduce pigment, so those with hyperpigmentation may find it’s a great ingredient to add to their routine. You can read more in our article: What is Vitamin C in skincare and how does it work?


What do the different percentages mean?


Professional-C Serum 10%, 15% and 20% bottles


If you’re sold on the serum but aren’t sure which percentage is for you, our Skin Experts will ask you a few questions about your skin during your free consultation and will use their expertise to suggest the best product and percentage for you. 

In Obagi Professional-C® Serums, the percentages refer to the percentage of L-ascorbic acid within the product formulation. In this range there is an option of:

Remember, the higher the percentage doesn’t always mean the better the results. With this product, the percentages are prescribed for a particular skin type or desire, so speak to your Skin Expert to ensure you start using the optimum percentage for your skin.


Who would benefit most from Professional-C® Serum?


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Professional-C® Serum could benefit many skin types, including those looking to brighten skin, improve the appearance of ageing skin, and those who live in more polluted areas like cities and need additional protection for their skin barrier. 

One of the best things about vitamin C is its compatibility with almost all skin types, so even those with sensitive skin could see huge benefits without irritation.


How do I use it?


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Your Skin Expert can advise the best way to apply your Professional-C® Serum, such as how much to use, what time of day to apply, and what other products to use before or after for best results. 

Generally, you should apply your serum after cleansing and toning, by dabbing 5-7 drops onto your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then massaging evenly into your face in circular motions.

Check out our YouTube video with Dr Julia discussing how to use vitamin C effectively in your skincare routine, and what other ingredients you may want to avoid using alongside.


Are there any side effects I should know about?


Obagi’s Professional-C® Serums use medical grade ingredients, so although they are generally helpful to all skin types, your Skin Expert will advise on whether or not these products are suitable for your skin or compatible with any skin conditions you may have. 

L-ascorbic acid — the main ingredient in this product — has an excellent safety profile, but any ingredient can cause allergic reactions or mild irritations for a small number of people. A more likely concern is using a percentage that is too high for your skin type. In any case, it’s best to speak to your Skin Expert first about side effects and do a patch test before use. 

Also keep in mind the pH levels of vitamin C can sometimes cancel other ingredients out, such as niacinamide and retinol. These should be applied separately from vitamin C serums, so your Skin Expert will likely advise applying one in the morning and another in the evening.

You can read more in our article: 6 skincare ingredients that work well together and 6 that don't


How much does Obagi Professional-C® Serum cost?


We never sell our Obagi products above RRP, and due to the varying percentages of L-ascorbic acid in each serum the prices differ:


How do I buy Obagi Professional-C® Serum in the UK?


We are authorised stockists of Obagi Medical products, so if you’ve fallen in love with the sound of these vitamin C serums and can’t wait to add them to your skincare routine, you can purchase one through Face Dr by booking a free consultation with a Skin Expert.

Remember, if you find these serums available to purchase online without a prescription, they are probably out of date or counterfeit products and won’t provide the transformational results promised by the real thing. 


Summary: Should I try Obagi Professional-C® Serum?


Professional-C Obagi medical Vitamin C Serum


If you’re on a mission to improve your overall skin health and brightness, Obagi Professional-C® Serum could certainly be “the one”! Its buffet of skin benefits means that if your skin concerns include dull or lacklustre skin, or fine lines and wrinkles, then this could be an ideal product for you. Likewise, if you live in an area with higher levels of pollution, adding a high strength vitamin C serum to your routine could offer a level of protection. 

At Face Dr, our Skin Experts offer a free consultation over a secure video link where they will chat to you about your skin history, concerns, any conditions you have, and the goals you have for your skin. From there, they will use their expertise to recommend the best products for you. No product bias, and no pressure to purchase — we always leave the choice in your hands.  

Ready to add a new serum into your skincare routine to see real, lasting results? 

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