Which brand is better: ZO Skin Health vs. Medik8 (Updated 2024)

Hannah Wilson


With so many skincare brands on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. Do you go with the brand with the best reviews? The brand with the lowest cost? The one your friend recommends for the best results? Here on the Face Dr blog we like to compare brands so you can find out which one comes out on top. If you have been curious to try either ZO Skin Health or Medik8, you’re in the right place. 

Our team of skincare experts have decades of experience working with clients in the UK and Australia, to help them clear up everything from acne to rosacea, and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation. During our time in the skincare world, we’ve worked with plenty of brands and have learned a thing or two about which ones work best for certain skin types.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular skincare brands; in this article, we’ll look at ZO Skin Health and Medik8…

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • What is ZO Skin Health?
  • What is Medik8?
  • What skin issues does ZO Skin Health tackle?
  • What skin issues does Medik8 tackle?
  • What skin type is ZO Skin Health for, and what kind of products do they have?
  • What skin type is Medik8 for, and what kind of products do they have?
  • Where can I buy ZO Skin Health products?
  • Where can I buy Medik8 products?
  • How much are ZO Skin Health products?
  • How much are Medik8 products?
  • Summary: Should I choose ZO Skin Health or Medik8?

    What is ZO Skin Health?


    ZO Skin Health


    ZO Skin Health was founded by dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi. Their formulations use cutting-edge science and a high percentage of active ingredients to tackle some of the most difficult skincare concerns. 

    Their “Get Skin Ready” philosophy promotes a simple three-step routine — cleanse, exfoliate, tone — that treats skin concerns and keeps your complexion clear and healthy. With plenty of targeted treatments to tackle specific problems, they’re a popular brand, and one that our Skin Experts regularly recommend. 


    What is Medik8?




    Medik8 Australia is focused on anti-ageing products, and they describe themselves as ‘experts in vitamin A’. Their products are eco-friendly, 100% vegan, and formulated to help with lots of other skincare concerns besides ageing. 

    Founded by Elliot Isaacs, who studied philosophy, pharmacology and biochemistry, the products were initially created in the back room of his father’s pharmacy and went on to become a world-renowned brand. They champion their “CSA philosophy”, which promotes vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning, and vitamin A in the evening — three products which can help fight signs of ageing.

    What skincare problems do they tackle?

    ZO Skin Health

    ZO Skin Health’s medical-grade products work to tackle a range of skincare concerns. Some of the main issues you may be able to address with products in the ZO range include:

    • Acne
    • Lines, wrinkles and advanced signs of skin ageing
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Inflammation
    • Rosacea
    • Sun damage


      Medik8 also has a number of products that target a range of skincare concerns, such as:

      • Fine lines and wrinkles
      • Blemishes
      • Hyperpigmentation
      • Visible pores
      • Redness
      • Dry and dehydrated skin
      ZO Skin Health Products


        What skin type is ZO Skin Health for, and what kind of products do they have? 

        The products we use on the face of our skin are important, because everyone has a different skin type. ZO Skin Health has products for every type of skin, even the most sensitive, so it’s a great brand with plenty of options. They have specific products formulated to boost hydration in dry skin, control shininess in oily skin, and balance combination skin — something for everyone!

        ZO Skin Health stocks everyday essentials like cleansers and sunscreens, as well as a range of targeted serums, exfoliating products, masks, night creams and eye creams. There are even some dedicated products for the body. Some that our customers love include:

        Daily Power Defense: This lightweight, best-selling serum works to support the skin's health and function, and provides hydration, strength and protection from damage. It also works to boost collagen and cell renewal, and tackle fine lines and wrinkles. You can read more about Daily Power Defense on our blog here.

        Hydrating Cleanser: This dual-action cleanser minimises dryness and irritation by gently cleansing and hydrating skin. It also removes dirt, oil and makeup without leaving a greasy residue, so we often recommend this to those with very dry skin, eczema or psoriasis.

        Complexion Renewal Pads: These pre-soaked pads help to minimise surface oil on skin and exfoliate away the dead skin cells and dirt that tends to clog pores. They contain glycolic and salicylic acid to help exfoliate, and we often recommend this for all skin types except those with acne. If you have acne, ZO’s Oil Control Pads may be the better option.

        Exfoliating Polish: This exfoliator polishes skin to restore a smooth texture and remove dead skin cells to prep for serum penetration. The magnesium crystals in the formulation work to buff skin and leave behind an even-toned complexion, clear pores and soft, bright skin.

        Medik8 Retinol

        What skin type is Medik8 for, and what kind of products do they have? 

        Medik8 also has a range of everyday products that tackle all skin types, so whether your skin is dry, combination, oily or sensitive, they likely have a formulation for you. They offer lots of products for mature skin like retinol creams, vitamin C serums and, of course, sunscreens. Some of their most popular products include:

        Medik8 Retinol: They offer multiple retinol products of different strengths, and their lightweight squalane-based serum contains climbazole which helps to boost the effects of the retinol and help it work for longer. 

        Medik8 Crystal Retinal: This best-selling product contains retinaldehyde (retinal with an ‘A’), a next-generation form of vitamin A proven to deliver results up to 11x faster than retinol. 

        Medik8 Vitamin C (Daily Radiance): This popular product delivers an all-in-one formulation which helps to moisturise, protect from sun damage, and introduce vitamin C to the skin to prevent the signs of ageing. The result is a more youthful-looking, hydrated complexion. 

        Medik8 Advanced Night Restore: This product is proven to visibly smooth, firm and brighten skin overnight by restoring the skin barrier, and works well with other retinol and retinal products within their range.  

        If you are curious to learn more about retinol products, you can read more here; What is retinol and how does it work?


        Where to buy ZO Skin Health


        Where can I buy ZO Skin Health products? 


        Since the products in the ZO Skin Health range have a high percentage of active ingredients, you cannot buy these products online without first having a consultation with a professional, nor will you find them in high street shops. If you do happen to find any of these products online, they are most likely counterfeit or out-of-date products, and will not give you the results you are looking for. 

        To purchase real ZO Skin Health products, you will need to speak with an approved stockist such as a medispa, dermatologist, doctor’s office, aesthetic practitioner or an online skincare clinic like Face Dr.



        Where can I buy Medik8 products?

        Medik8 products are more widely available as they do not contain medical-grade ingredients, and therefore do not require a consultation to purchase. You will find them on the Medik8 website and on other online skincare stores such as Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty.



        ZO Skin Health products


        How much are ZO Skin Health products?


        ZO Skin Health products differ in price depending on what products you are looking to buy. Their product range starts from around £30 for their toner, to around £160 for their incredibly effective anti-ageing serums. If you would like specific price information on anything in the ZO Skin Health range, you can book a free video consultation with one of our Skin Experts to find out more. 

        Book your free video skincare consultation now


        How much are Medik8 products?

        Medik8 products begin at around £20 for their daily cleansers, and go up to around £200 for their most powerful anti-ageing serum. 


        Summary: Should I choose ZO Skin Health or Medik8?


        There are many factors that will determine which products are best for you; from what skin concerns you are looking to tackle, to how much you are looking to spend each month, to how you would prefer to purchase.

        If you have a specific skin concern, we advise searching both brands to find the targeted products they offer, and compare. For example, if you suffer from rosacea, ZO Skin Health has several products designed especially to calm and heal the redness that often appears with this condition. Or, if you are concerned about visible pores, Medik8 has a specific section on their website for this, though ZO also has pore-refining products to reduce pore size and appearance, so you can compare which ones will work best for you. 

        If you are unsure, we always recommend speaking to one of our Skin Experts for a completely unbiased, no-strings-attached, free skincare consultation. There, you can discuss your skin history, any issues you are having, what you are looking for, and the products they would recommend based on their vast experience with hundreds of clients. 

        While our experts agree that Medik8 is a trustworthy brand with useful products in the range, we recommend ZO Skin Health to our clients due to their higher concentrations of powerful skincare ingredients, and the fantastic results we have seen first-hand. That said, there is never any pressure to buy from our team, and we are not associated with just one brand, so if we believe something else will work better for your needs, we will always point you in the right direction. 

        If you’re thinking of trying either Medik8 or ZO Skin Health products, we recommend booking a free video consultation: 



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