Top 5 skincare clinics in Brisbane, Australia

Rachel Meyer


If you’re looking for great skincare clinics near you in Brisbane, Australia, you’re in the right place. Discovering clinics you can trust can be tough, so we’ve rounded up some of the top rated clinics in the Brisbane area so you can find the best in-clinic skincare consultations to help with whatever you need. 

From their treatment options to their medical grade skincare products to whether or not they offer online skincare consultations, we’re drilling down to the pros and cons of these clinical skincare spots around Brisbane so you can find the professional skincare advice you need. 

Here are our top 5 skincare clinics in Brisbane, plus a top tip for how to enjoy the benefits of a skincare clinic in your own home

Our Top 5 Skincare Clinics in Brisbane: 

5. Inigo Cosmetic

4. Skin Confidence

3. Chantal Louise Skin Therapy

2. Eleventh Heaven

1. Derm Haus 


Need advice on your skin right now? 

In-person skincare clinics can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience where you get treatments and walk away with your favourite products. However, there is an easy way to learn more about your skin from an expert without leaving your home.  

At Face Dr, we are approved stockists of some fantastic medical-grade skincare ranges such as Obagi Medical, ZO Skin Health and more. Our skin clinic is remote, which means we can offer expert advice to clients all over the globe. 

If you’d like to benefit from expert skincare advice via a free online video consultation, you can do so through Face Dr, where you will learn about the medical-grade products that have offered our clients such brilliant results, and get your free online skincare consultation. You can learn more about in-clinic vs. online skincare consultations here



If you still prefer to make the journey to an in-person clinic, here are our top 5 skincare clinics in Brisbane.



Top 5 skincare clinics in Brisbane 



Inigo Cosmetic Aesthetician



#5 Inigo Cosmetic


Inigo Cosmetic offers a number of surgical and non-surgical face and body treatments, as well as cosmetic injectables, all with the goal of increasing your confidence. Some of the facial treatments they offer include hydra facials, micro needling, lymphatic flow facials, dermal peels, LED light therapy, and much more. 

Their signature skin treatments are their Skin Boosters, which focus on replenishing the hyaluronic acid that is lost from our skin as we age. By stimulating collagen production and cell renewal, they can promote hydration and boost the skin’s nutrients and antioxidants.

At the time of writing, Inigo Cosmetic has been rated 5* from 148 Google reviews

“I've been a regular client at Inigo Cosmetic for several years for my cosmetic injectables, Morpheus8, Emsculpt NEO, and facial treatments. The girls at Inigo are knowledgeable, welcoming, and some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. Inigo's beautiful space features high-quality products and cutting-edge treatments that are among the most advanced in the market. Highly recommend!” 

— Inigo Cosmetic client via Google 

They encourage all new clients to visit the clinic for a dermal consultation where they can discuss your skin concerns, determine specific problem areas, and create a customised treatment plan for you. 




They offer a wide range of facials and treatments, so there is an option to suit everyone. 

While they offer a complimentary, virtual surgical assessment, their Skin Analysis consultations cost $75 (redeemable against your next treatment).

They offer a number of iS Clinical products (a medical-grade skincare range) for sale in their clinic. 

They do not offer the premium, medical-grade skincare brands Obagi Medical or ZO Skin Health.




Skin Confidence Clinic model with clear skin



#4 Skin Confidence 


With doctors experienced in cosmetic medicine, Skin Confidence aims to offer their clients the best results using the latest treatments. They specialise in helping you achieve a more youthful appearance, although they have treatments to suit all sorts of skin conditions and goals. 

At the time of writing, Skin Confidence has been rated 4.8* from 113 reviews.

“I would highly recommend Skin Confidence for their exceptional service. The staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, and the quality of care I received was outstanding. I left the clinic feeling confident in my healthcare decisions and satisfied with my experience.” - Skin Confidence client via Google 

If you are interested in reducing fine lines and signs of sun damage, correcting any imperfections, or achieving a specific look, the team at Skin Confidence can help by using cosmetic injectables and face and body treatments to help enhance your natural beauty. Skin treatments include dermaplaning, medical peels, microdermabrasion, skin tightening treatments, and more. 




Their team is made up of highly specialised practitioners with years of experience.

They don’t seem to offer a free consultation option. 

They have multiple clinics in central Brisbane, making them convenient to visit if you are in the area. 

They don’t seem to offer medical-grade skincare products like Obagi Medical or ZO Skin Health.



Chantal Louise Online Skincare Consultation


#3 Chantal Louise Skin Therapy


Chantal Louise Skin Therapy has won awards for treatments, and with a personal history of persistent acne, the clinic’s founder has a deep understanding of how confidence-knocking skin conditions can be. After improving her own skin issues years ago, she founded the clinic to help others do the same. 

The clinic offers treatments to help with acne, acne scarring, ageing skin, eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, pigmentation, redness, rosacea, back acne, blackheads, dryness, dehydration, dull skin and more. 

“The best shape my skin has been in EVER! Amazing results for my hormonal acne in less than two months. If you want expert advice and an exceptional outcome for your skin, come here. Cannot recommend enough!” 

- Chantal Louise Skin Therapy client, via their website 

All new clients to the clinic should start by booking a 1-on-1 skin consultation, where you will gain insight into your skin through their advanced skin analysis machine, and be given a personalised treatment plan. You will also have the option of having a treatment on your first visit. 




They offer effective, medical-grade products that must be prescribed by a professional.

They don’t seem to offer medical-grade skincare products like Obagi Medical or ZO Skin Health.

They have a large number of great reviews on their website and on Google reviews (5* from 135 reviews, at the time of writing).

They offer skin consultations from $99, or $50 for an online consultation. 


Eleventh Heaven Skincare Clinic in Brisbane Australia



#2 Eleventh Heaven

Eleventh Heaven is mainly focused on cosmetic injectables and other aesthetic treatments that help to rejuvenate facial features, however they also offer laser skin treatments, BroadBandLight™ skin rejuvenation, and low level light therapy.

At the time of writing, Eleventh Heaven is rated 4.9* from 30 Google reviews

“I can't thank Dr Ricky enough for his incredible work. From the beginning he was professional, honest and took the time to explain and listen patiently. He's incredibly skilled and the result of his work is by far the best I've had and for this reason I can confidently trust Dr Ricky with all my future treatments.” 

- Eleventh Heaven client, via Google

They use only premium products and the best treatments for your skin, and are also committed to offering 5* patient care in their relaxed clinic with friendly staff. This starts with a consultation and customised treatment plan that utilises various treatment modalities to provide the very best outcome.




They offer medical-grade skincare products, including Obagi Medical

Consultations are not free, and cost $150 (redeemable on treatments within 30 days of your appointment)

They provide customised treatment plans so you get the best outcome for your skin. 

They seem to provide a smaller range of skincare treatment options than other clinics in the area, as they are more focused on injectable treatments. 



Derm Haus Skincare Clinic Brisbane Australia



#1 Derm Haus

Derm Haus boasts a lovely atmosphere and look, and offers medical aesthetic treatments and skin treatments that help each client leave feeling more confident. With highly trained registered nurses and dermal therapists, they utilise the latest techniques and treatments, all tailored to your individual skin concerns and goals. 

Their treatments include DMK enzyme therapy, LED therapy, skin needling, pigmentation removal, microdermabrasion, and the popular platelet-rich plasma therapy (also known as the “Vampire Facial”) which uses concentrated factors from your own blood to stimulate skin cells, increase collagen and boost new cell growth. 

At the time of writing, Derm Haus is rated 4.9* from 139 Google reviews

“Amazing clinic! Fabulous team, very friendly! They really listen to my skin concerns and explained what it means for future treatments if I choose. I felt super comfortable and in safe hands and the clinic is a stunning space and perfect location.” - Derm Haus client, via Google 




They offer effective brands such as Skinceuticals and Dermalogica, as well as some medical-grade skincare products. 

Skin consultations are $100 which is redeemable on products on the day. 

They offer a wide range of skin treatments so there’s something for every skin concern. 

They don’t seem to offer the convenience of online consultations or appointments. 




Summary: Brisbane skincare clinic or free at-home skincare consultation? 

These 5 skincare clinics in Brisbane are great examples of in-person clinics that can help you find the best treatments and advice for your skin in your area. If you lack the time to visit these clinics and prefer to gain expert skincare advice via an online consultation instead (to cut out travel time!), some clinics do offer video skincare consultations. These enable you to chat to a skincare expert from the comfort of your own home, and order any recommended products online. 

At Face Dr, our Skin Experts conduct FREE video skincare consultations where they will listen to your skin history, any issues you have, and the goals you are trying to achieve, and create a bespoke skincare routine to help — with no obligation for you to purchase from us. We work with some of the best medical-grade skincare brands on offer, like Obagi Medical and ZO Skin Health, but ultimately, our goal is to only ever recommend products that we believe will work for you. 

Whether you suffer from acne, skin damage, dry skin, pigmentation, or something else, our Skin Experts will help you tackle any skin issue you are struggling with. 

Ready to speak to your very own skincare specialist from the comfort of your own home?





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