Top 6 ZO Skin Health clinics in South England [review 2024]

Vanessa Gibbs

ZO Skin Health is a leading skincare brand that can help with everything from acne to anti-ageing to dark spots—as well as keeping skin clear, glowing and healthy. However, the brand is only available from approved stockists such as medispas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

This is because ZO products contain a high percentage of active ingredients. This is what makes the products so effective, but it’s important to use products that are right for your skin. So if you want to get your hands on ZO, you’ll need to have a consultation with an expert first. Luckly, there are stockists all over the south of England, so you won’t have to travel far. 

Here are six ZO Skin Health approved stockists in South England: 

#6 The Hampton Clinic (Bristol)

#5 Harwick Clinic (near Cambridge) 

#4 River Aesthetics (Bournemouth)

#3 Sandon Court Clinic (Plymouth and Exeter)

#2 ERA Skin & Laser Clinic (near Oxford)

#1 The Sloan Clinics (Brighton) 

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Want to find out more about ZO Skin Health? Deep dive into their products with our reviews of the ZO Daily Power Defense and Complexion Renewal Pads. We’ve also compared it to other top skincare brands like SkinCeuticals and Medik 8 to see how it stands up.

Back to ZO stocks in South England. Here are six to consider. 

ZO Skin Health products from stockists in south England

#6 The Hampton Clinic (Bristol)

The Hampton Clinic in Bristol focuses on laser hair removal, but it also offers plenty of skin-focused treatments with everything from facials to microneedling, microdermabrasion to chemical peels. However, the clinic also offers skincare consultations to help you get your hands on ZO products. 

To discuss products, you can book a free consultation on the clinic’s website with one of their aesthetic practitioners. These consultations last 45 minutes. It’s not clear if these are online or in person, though. 

"Always a great experience! Impeccable and honest service, never regretted any of their treatment suggestions. My skin is a lot healthier and brighter." — a five-star review. 

#5 Harwick Clinic (near Cambridge) 

You’ll find Harwick Clinic in between Cambridge and Cambourne. Hardwick Clinic is run by Dr Tatyana Lapa, who trained in London’s Harley Street and has been practicing aesthetic medicine for over five years. 

The clinic offers treatments such as botox, fillers and non-surgical facelifts as well as chemical peels. The clinic also sells skincare products like ZO. Consultations are free and last 45 minutes. You can book them online on the clinic’s website, and they take place in the clinic.

#4 River Aesthetics (Bournemouth)

River Aesthetics are finalists for the Best Clinic South of England award at the Aesthetic Awards 2021. Along with fillers, facelifts and facials, the clinic offers consultations for skincare brands like ZO Skin Health. To book a consultation, you’ll have to fill out the clinic’s contact form on their website. It’s not clear if these are online or in-clinic, though. 

River Aesthetics is run by Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward. The clinic’s flagship clinic is in Bournemouth, but you’ll also find them in nearby Lymington and in London, too. 

“Always such a pleasure visiting the clinic as the team are all so knowledgeable and professional” — a five-star review. 

#3 Sandon Court Clinic (Plymouth and Exeter)

Sandon Court Clinic has branches in both Plymouth and Exeter. It’s run by Dr Melissa Fitzgerald, who specialises in cosmetic procedures and works on London’s Harley Street regularly. The clinic offers treatments such as microneedling, microdermabrasions and chemical peels as well as consultations about skincare. 

You can book one of these consultations by either calling the clinic or through the contact form on its website. The consultations are free, but it’s not clear if they take place online or in the clinic. 

#2 ERA Skin & Laser Clinic (near Oxford)

As well as laser hair removal, ERA clinic offers skin treatments like facials, facelifts and IPL. It’s run by Emma Rothery, who worked in the medical industry for over 10 years before opening the clinic. The rest of the team is made up of doctors, aesthetic practitioners and skin specialists. 

Consultations for ZO products are free and last 30 minutes. To book, you’ll need to submit your details through the clinic’s website and a member of their team will get in touch to arrange the appointment. The clinic has been holding these consultations over Zoom. It’s not clear if in-person consultations are available. 

You’ll find the clinic in Thame, Oxfordshire, which is a short drive from Oxford, Aylesbury and High Wycome.

#1 The Sloan Clinics (Brighton) 

The Sloan Clinics are run by Dr Emma Sloan and have branches in both Brighton and nearby Seaford. 

Emma first trained as a GP and had been working as an aesthetics doctor for seven years. The clinic offers treatments like fillers and microneedling, as well as skincare consultations for ZO Skin Health products. 

To speak to an expert about ZO, you can book a consultation through the clinic’s website. Consultations last either 20 or 30 minutes and are done remotely. You’ll need to pay a deposit of £50 which will then be put towards any purchases you make. 

Looking for an at-home consultation? 

Face Dr expert giving online skincare consultation for ZO products

When it comes to ZO stockists in the south of England, there are plenty of options so you won’t have to travel far. But with our busy schedules, sometimes even the shortest journey is tricky to make time for. That’s why we offer free online consultations that you can do without leaving the house. Not only does this save you time and money on travel, but you don’t have to worry about visiting a clinic make-up free either. 

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